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  1. Well it's great to be back to brewing. Been out of the game for 3 years now and am just getting back to it. Just bottled the Heavy McWee and was wondering if I keep the temps at 60-66 as with the instructions for keg fermentation or if I go with the standard temps for secondary ferm? Thanks Guys
  2. Thank you gentlemen, Pumpkin Lager = kegged and fermenting.
  3. So if I go ahead and brew it now, would it be alright to throw the MRB yeast in as well, just in case the liquid pack is bad?
  4. Was about to brew the Pumpkin Lager and was going to add the Weihenstephan Weizen Liquid Yeast, read the directions on the back of the yeast and it said to pop the pouch and then let it sit for up to 3 hours. I left to go to the gym and when I came back there was no change in the pouch. I made sure the inner pouch was popped and it was. I know it says it my not fully inflate but what if it does not inflate at all? Also saw on the pouch that it said keep refrigerated and I did not do this, nor did Mr Beer package it to keep it cool, is this a problem? Or am I good to brew with it?
  5. The recipe notes to add the pumpkin puree to the worst before fermentation, but I have noticed many people saying to add after primary ferm in order to get a better flavor from the fruit that you are putting in. So should i put the pumpkin puree in after 5 days? Anyone have any experience with this beer?
  6. You should be fine on the Ferm time, 2 weeks is pretty standard I've seen some of the master here talk about 3-4 weeks for the high ABV brews. As far as temps go, keep it around what the directions say (typically 68-74/76) unless you used different yeast than the Fromunda yeast that comes with the refill/recipe. Or when you ask about temps are you wondering ways to make sure it doesn't get too hot or cold?
  7. sediment* go ahead and go the 14 days.
  8. I bottled Eng Nut Brown Ale on Thursday 2/10 and today 2/12 and even yesterday really the bottled were pretty hard. barely squeezable at all. Can carbing really happen that fast? I used the 1 liter bottles and the 2 1/2 tsp granulated sugar as per instructions.
  9. Englishman's Nut Brown Ale bottled, that is all. What? That's pretty much it...sorry if you were expecting more of a post. Why are you still reading this?! Go away.
  10. good idea, but for now can i pick up the fermenter carefully and it be ok? obviously it will be disturbed at least a little
  11. I've got the keg sitting in a cooler and can't see unless I pick it up...is it ok to disturb it at this time?
  12. Added my honey without incident, when I removed the lid on the fermenter I noted no Krausen but there was a very distinct beer smell. I know not all beers have a lot of Krausen but just want to make sure I'm ok here. It's different when it's your baby lol. I'm a Pediatric nurse BTW and thats what I tell parents, when they are really concerned and we as staff aren't. "Well we see this all the time and know that while it may look serious it's not that bad at all, but for you it's different because it's your child and you don't see this often." Just looking for validation I guess.
  13. no i seem to remember one that sported a certain motorcycle brand and was a little more curvy...
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