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  1. I have brewed 2 batches now. Both were good, but both lacked foam, especially after the initial pour. These 2 batches came with the kit and were 1 can of extract and a pouch of booster. My question is 2 parts I guess. 1) Will an all malt brew have more foam and retain that head longer? 2) What else can I do or what SHOULD I do to get a nice thick white head on my beer?
  2. This beer was in the fermenter a full 2 weeks. I tasted it tonight and it was...sure enough....flat beer. So I decided not to cold crash it. I may do this on future batches. I bottled it tonight and despite what I had feared it came out fairly clear, other than that last bottle. In 2 more weeks or so I will put a bottle in the fridge and give 'er a taste.
  3. I hate to ask what MIGHT be a silly question...but after a lot of searching I do not see the exact question and answer about floating material that I need. I have a batch in ( my first if you could'nt already tell )I followed all directions to the tee, but at 14 days I see a good sediment layer on the bottom, the top of the brew looks pretty clean, but there is a lot of 'snowflake' like material suspended in the middle of the brew? Is this normal? Is it something that cold crashing will remove? It is hard to see exactly what it looks like through the dark keg. Should I write out a will and give it a taste to see if it is ready to bottle?
  4. I read a lot about trub at the bottom of the keg and at the very top. I am on day 14 and the top is fairly clean. the bottom has a good sediment layer but there is plenty of 'snowflake' type material suspended in the middle of the keg. Could there be anything in there that might cause it to be a trashed batch? I followed all instructions very closely. I think tomorrow...Saturday...I will taste it and if it tastes like flat beer I will go ahead and bottle it.
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