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  1. No takers? I have projected earnings in business plan I can share, if interested. Here is a link to the FB page. You can read the "About" and get an idea of what I'm shooting for. :chug: http://www.facebook.com/CzechMateBrewingCo?ref=hl
  2. That's why they are "projected"...they are based on worse scenario, break even and best scenario ....also based from industry standards and the local population, median base income, etc......
  3. Investor or Partner wanted for Brew Pub & Restaurant venture in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Business Plan is complete w/ projected earnings for 5 years. Excellent opportunity and the area is ripe for such an endeavor. Social media hype has already been started and people are excited about seeing it come to fruition.
  4. :gofish: Are there any brewers here in Texas that might be interested in partnering in on a Brew Pub and Restaurant venture? It is already in the works......Thanks. [attachment=8610]czech_mate_edited-2.jpg[/attachment] :chug: :barman:
  5. I am also wanting to try a batch with all grains and have not "mashed" before. I am also wanting to move up to a bigger system,...maybe a 10 gallon set-up with conical fermenter. Anyone have a good basic recipe,...say for a pale ale I could try for a 5 gallon batch? Thanks... P.S. I am also growing my own Fuggle Hops! They are really taking off, so I am excited to use them once I get a harvest!
  6. My Christmas Ale is all gone! I loved it, and so did my friends. Turned out perfect!
  7. Er,...English Strong Ale
  8. Anybody sampled theirs yet? I kinda got a late start and have another 2 weeks before mine will be ready? The wort tasted great anyway. Made that and the English String Ale.
  9. Gotta be Texans out there...just wondering if anything out there...
  10. I LOVE this brew and can't wait to do it again. I bought a Sam Adams sampler pack last night and thought the 48 Degrees IPA tasted just like the Ptarmigan Pale Ale. Any thoughts????
  11. Still seems a little green with having added the brown sugar...almost a soapy bite to it. Needs to shelf longer...
  12. First time using hops in muslin cloth. (Amarillo Hops) I bottled this 06/14 and the wort tasted great. I am realizing more and more, I really like the hops, such as IPA's. Must do more with adding hops! Who's done this recipe and what did they think? Can't wait to try it.....
  13. Bottled 06/14 along with a Ptarmigan Pale Ale. the worts tasted great! Looking forward to the cider. Gonna let it sit until about sept/Oct for fall! May have to make another batch!
  14. Very good...will give it time....of course. What else is there to do? Thanks y'all....
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