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  1. When bottling does it matter when you put the priming sugar in. Mr. beer says to put it in before the beer but it seems to disolve better when you do it after.
  2. So going over 73 degrees there is higher percentage of spoiling?
  3. Don't really have a spot in the house where its that cool.
  4. I always pitch the yeast around 65 degrees and ferment at around 75 degrees.I also use the yeast it comes with and add another packet.
  5. I have the bullseye beer in the keg for 19 days now. I tasted it and it was sweet, sour, and a just a little off. Just wondering how long I can let that sit in the keg before bottling. I had a problem with the IRA recipe and waited 21 days before bottling. It still ended up not tasting right.
  6. I was going to order the Gila Monster Doppelbock. Hopefully its worth the lager time.
  7. I'm in jersey where its been averaging 90's.
  8. Can the liquid yeast handle the warmer temperatures while it is being shipped? They tell you to refrigerate as soon as you get it.
  9. I forgot to let the yeast sit for five minutes before mixing it up. Will the beer still be ok?
  10. Grand Bohemian i mean.
  11. I've made a couple of standard recipes already and they were pretty good. I also have grand bohemium which I haven't brewed yet. Any info on that.
  12. Any standard recipes worth making? I just got the international refills and I'm wondering if i should just combine them with other ingredients.
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