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  1. I was getting ready to buy a bottling wand and noticed it comes with a locking spigot. So I tried to do some research on the forums about using this. Didn't have much luck and I need to leave for work. Do you need the locking spigot to use the wand? I've got two batches in kegs now. Also, I read about attaching 3/8 tubing to it? Is there a special type of tubing to use?
  2. Thanks for the replies. I guess I will just prepare the 2 cans and not add anything to see how I like that since I'm still just gettin started. I don't live close to a LHBS so I can't easily get hops, etc.
  3. Getting ready to brew some mr beer Grand Bohemian that has 2 cans. I have around 1 lb of muntons ume and some booster in a zip lock bag that i didn't use all of. I read the guideline about Malt to adjunct ratios and was wondering as long as i stuck to the guideline would this be ok to add to the grand bohemian or should i not add anything? Andy
  4. I just finished getting Pilothouse Pilsner into the keg to ferment. When I added the yeast to the keg, I forgot to let the yeast sit for 5 minutes and stirred right after adding. Is this going to be a problem?
  5. Darn, used way too much oxyclean. Been reading the forum but I guess i missed how much oxyclean to use. dferron, I figured i would use the brush and hot water, then sanitize. crazybrody, been wanting to get star san. Where's the best place online? My lhbs is 90min away and they don't even have it.
  6. Gettin ready to bottle my second batch which is Englishmans brown nut ale with added honey that has been fermenting for 4 weeks. Just sampled and tastes pretty good! I soaked ~28 bottles in oxyclean for several hours to clean and get labels off. Well they have a white residue on them so I ran them through the dishwasher with just plain hot water, but they still have the white residue. I have a bottle brush and was wondering should I just brush them out with hot water?
  7. I saved the left over extract in tupperware. It has been 6 days today since getting nut brown ale fermenting. I was going to add the 1/2 cup honey when I realized maybe I should sanitize the cup and measuring cup. So, do I have to sanitize to add honey? I don't have any sanitizer and have no way to get some anytime soon. What should I do? thanks Andy
  8. wow, thanks for the quick reply yankeedag. I just pour a thin layer of vodka in the can? A thin layer would be just enough to cover? Should i then cover it with foil? Thanks
  9. Well, been outa town for a week and haven't been able to read the forums. Last w/e the wife had put a bottle in the fridge for a couple days, then opened it and we tried it. It had a yeast taste to it. Why would that be? Drinking too early? I finally made a trip to the home brew shop. They mainly have other stuff for sale and just a small supply of brew stuff which almost all was hops, malts, etc. The only extract they had was a Muntons wheat and light 3.3 lb cans. I got a can that says Malt Extract Light. I'm not sure if it's hopped or unhopped. How would I use this with the Englishman’s Nut Brown Ale HME? I don't know how much to use and how to save what I don't use. Also, what about using honey with this? Thanks, Andy
  10. Hello, new brewer here. My wife and I have been talking about brewing beer off and on for years, but not much recently. Well, she surprised me with the kit this Christmas. Next day I started fermenting wcpa. I bottled 2 weeks later. I just thought about looking at this website last weekend. I wish I would have before starting. I’m a little worried this batch might not be too great. I used well water for one thing. When I added the rest of water after the wort, it foamed up a lot. The yeast seemed to work ok though. I got the 8 1L bottles with the kit. Well I filled them to the bottom of the neck, but had enough to fill another 1L bottle that had club soda in it before. Is this a problem? When I tried a sample before bottling, I guess it tasted like flat beer. Now the wife keeps nagging to try the beer which I would have already done if not for this forum. I put one in the refrigerator but have not opened yet. It’s only been 9 days since bottling. I have another booster and Englishman’s Nut Brown Ale HME. I would have liked to had this fermenting, but just now going to get it started. I would like to use a can of UME, but I live 90min from the closest brew store. Also, I would like to use some honey. If I use ½ cup of honey 5 days into fermenting, do I need to use less booster, and do I still add sugar to the bottles before bottling? Or any suggestions on what to do with this HME? Thanks. Pretty excited to be brewing beer! Andy
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