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  1. IMO dont use extracts. if you want your beer to pair well with orange flavor, thats cool, just have a fresh slice when you serve it.
  2. i know this wont help much but i had some jars with different yeasts, California 001, and the Pacman yeast. I used both in a batch and it was good. Tried the Denny's favorite once with a bit of left over pacman once and it was fine too. I think i like the beer i made with pacman the most, but denny's made a really good simcoe ipa. and cali was good too good luck!
  3. I haven't had a rye bread flavor from rye beers. the taste is different and noticeable to me. but for the most part it feels more than tastes like rye - its almost like resin, it sort of sticks to my tongue a little bit more so than other grains. also im with the less is more, just throwing 4 oz of rye in my 5 lb mash does something noticeable and sets the beer apart from the usual, which i like.
  4. What if I didn't use caramel/crystal malt? I might go to the store tomorrow to pick some up but I was just wondering if I could get away with it. Im going to make a darker malty beer
  5. I haven't had the ADIPA before but the RIBA I made, I used Bolander (instead of the usual munich) and Midnight Wheat and it was delicious. is that a 5 gallon recipe?
  6. "pete rose haircut" post=257725 said:Luckily I inherited an old upright freezer that I installed a Johnson controller on, now I can brew year-round. + it has room for 6 lbks for when I move up to 5 gallon batches this fall. My place is under construction, once the next/extra room is finished I will be buying a fridge or freezer. I am considering a regular fridge as well. That way I could make lots of ice cubes in the top for brew day wort chilling and the bottom I can convert into a kegerator
  7. The cool weather has let up, a week of warmth is upon us. My hop plant will be happy of course. One thing to remember is to move my beer storage to the basement where it can stay cool. Its these in between times, when its too early for the air conditioner, I have to sit back and just enjoy my stock pile of home brews. Another time, another temp, I shall brew again. Until then I will ration my 2 cases, 2 mini kegs, and numerous California brewed IPA's (purchased on vacation).
  8. http://www.basspro.com/Bass-Pro-Shopsreg;-30-Quart-Propane-Turkey-Fryer/product/10213296/59609?cmCat=CROSSSELL_THUMBNAIL I bought this one last thanks giving for around 40 dollars. after mashing i put my 20 quart pot on there, bout 5 minutes later a huge hot break. it was pretty awesome.
  9. Depends on how my stomach feels. Normally I will drink 1 to 6, 12oz beers. But my average is probably 2.
  10. sounds like you have a plan. id buy a larger pot than 8qt, its good to have lots of head space. i dig my 20 qt prime pacific but i also mash in it for 2.2 gallon batches. For extract you probably only need 8qt but 12qt sounds a LOT better to me
  11. the past few brews ive made had a partial mixture. but they were all clean ale yeasts with similar properties. like white labs 001, used that a few times then bought Pacman, and had a bit left over from WL001 so i just went ahead and tossed that in too. I did the same thing with my Pacman and Denny's Blend. I guess depending on the speed at which the yeast reproduces, like how healthy it is, one yeast will do more work than the other so a blend might be better if you know more about the yeast. like using a cleaner yeast with a tad bit of belgian or something... i dunno, id just make sure both yeasts have the same temp range and are geared towards a style you want.
  12. http://hopville.com/recipe/1047567/american-ipa-recipes/malticopia-ale Had a few glasses of this last night and it did the trick. It had decent head and it was pretty well balanced. I rate it 4 stars out of 5 for its "drinkability", pleasant taste, and pretty pour. I might tweak the mash process to see if I can make it a bit sweeter and add a little bit more hops next time (maybe up to 70 IBU). I am out of Falcons so I'll have to sub out with something else.
  13. its amazing what 10 days can do. this recipe seemed to be all malt but this has truly transformed into a tight malt front end with a citrus end. my fiancee said it seems heavy but isn't. cheers folks! i will be brewing this again http://hopville.com/recipe/1025872/american-ipa-recipes/dark-ale-004#
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