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  1. Ahhh...a new dimension of complexity for me: the secondary! I like the idea of digging deeper into this process. Now I've got to do some searching and reading on the whole secondary thing. Thanks for the suggestion! WS
  2. My favorite beer of all time is Schlafly's Imperial Stout. The stout itself is rich and complex, but this version has an added velvety flavor--due to the fact that it's aged in Bourbon casks. Is it possible to approximate this effect by adding bourbon to a stout recipe? In general, any guidance on adding liquors to a brew--like how much, when in the process, etc? Thanks for your help! WS
  3. I know I'm a bit late to the party (normal for me!) but I did exactly what was proposed in the original post. Followed the recipe for the included WCPA in my kit and then went 2 weeks in the fermenter, 2 weeks carbonating. I took one of the 8 bottles and threw it in the fridge. I just opened an drank it last night. I was very impressed with the body and flavor (I had low expectations given that it was my first try). The carbonation was perfect and it had a nice head. So all in all, I'm glad I tried one right away. But.... It was cidery. And the cider flavor grew as the beer warmed. In the end, it reminded me of Sapporo (sp?), a Japanese beer I had a while back. So yeah, I was impressed with the first go around. And I'm glad I tried one early for comparison sake. Now I'm looking forward to the rest of the batch after a couple/few more weeks of conditioning.
  4. fransjoe wrote: WhiteStrat wrote: fransjoe wrote: nice gear, and very nice beer. I myself have an Ibanez Acoustic, 1 1995 Epiphone/Gibson Les Paul(Cherry Burst) and 1 Applause (Fender clone). Congrats Strat. Sweet! A kindred spirit. Couldn't help but notice the quetzal. I don't see that often. Are you by chance from (or maybe been to) Guatemala? Born and Raised in the Land of Eternal Spring, Beautiful Women, and the Marimba. I take it you've been there. Have you sampled the best Lager in the world? (aka Gallo; aka Famosa; aka Sweet water of life) Yep. I've been there a number of times. I think of it as my second home. But not the cities (though I love Antigua). I've spent most of my time in the Pokomchi region up past San Cristobal. Had some missionary friends who lived in San Cris, and we'd spend a couple weeks every year working and playing up in some cool mountain villages--Pambon Grande is my favorite. And yes, I've had Gallo! Gotta get back there...
  5. fransjoe wrote: nice gear, and very nice beer. I myself have an Ibanez Acoustic, 1 1995 Epiphone/Gibson Les Paul(Cherry Burst) and 1 Applause (Fender clone). Congrats Strat. Sweet! A kindred spirit. Couldn't help but notice the quetzal. I don't see that often. Are you by chance from (or maybe been to) Guatemala?
  6. My first one. Tis a thing of beauty. Yes, I jumped the gun, and yes, it was bit cidery, and yes, I'm still stoked!
  7. Thanks for the heads up! I think hoppy will work for me. Or at least I'll see, huh?
  8. Sounds like a plan to me! Just tonight, I taste tested my third batch--2 cans plus a booster--thats about ready to bottle. I was quite stoked!
  9. I may be a newb, but I've read enough to know that an all malt recipe is clearly favored over one with a malt plus a booster. So here's my basic question: There's a Classic American Blonde Ale recipe that calls for one can of Classic American Blonde Ale HME plus a booster. I happen to have two cans of the Blonde Ale HME. So can I use the two of them together and pass on the booster to get a better brew, or am I missing something obvious? Thanks!
  10. silvertip8k wrote: there was once a time when human beings communicated without star trek knock off devices...and it might be hard to believe...but civilazation was actually functioning fine... I am very happy for you folks that are finding such a level of excitement & joy because you have found another way to let your little flip pads ( or whatever the newest thing is) infiltrate life...home brewingIMHO...is more like cutting firewood , home canning or similar activites...is there anything you can do w/o those blueberry's or whatever????? God forbid a lightning storm knocks out your local tower...you might have to actually go and talk to another human being in person...Oh my gosh...you mean people still do that?? all joking aside...have a nice weekend...I have bottled three batches in the last three nights...and have put in fermenter three new batches too...I now have some time to use up some minutes on my communicator... :side: For what it's worth, the two lives that you address are not mutually exclusive. I live on 25 acres and tend my land by myself. I grow it, manage it, and hunt it. I hike and shoot--photos and bullets. I built my own house 5 years ago and still build before I buy when I need something. My wife manages an awesome personal family sized crop each year. So yeah, we're kind of old world. But what do we do for a living? She's an attorney--a partner at a silk stocking firm with a high demand specialty--tax credit real estate developments. Me? I'm what's called a "media developer." I record and produce audio and video projects for deployment via custom web platforms. This may be more than you wanted to know, but my point is simple: being modern and high-tech doesn't mean you can't also be old world and down to earth! (I mean hey, think about it: what's more "old world" than making your own beer? But look at us all using the internet to learn more and be better at it! I like the combination!)
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Yep, I play guitar. Below is a pic (of some of my gear--not of me!) from a recent session. The white Strat is one of about 20 guits I own, and not even the one I play the most anymore--but it's an old username, and one that I use on a pretty big music BBS. I thought I'd use the same one here in case I run into anyone from over there! I'm grooving on the home brew thing, and knowing me, I'll make a prediction: I'll bet within the year, I'll have as many batches of beer going as I have guitars!
  12. LostBavrarianMan wrote: LMAO Sham Addams your set up is where I feel I will be in 6 months. LOL And I havent gotten my first kit yet.... This is something I have wanted to try for a very long. I am a beer freakazoid. And since I have come into contact with my local German club and have been jarred back to my German heritage this is only natural. LOL All the post that I have read seems like a bunch of like minded people here. Also I have been reading thru the MB recipes and I am going to have many many many more questions. LOL. Like here is another one that POPS into mind. Does anyone use molasses in there beer? I've got molasses in a Black Tower Porter fermenting right now. I'll keep you posted!
  13. silvertip8k wrote: shoot...there here.... pssst...we're everywhere! :ohmy:
  14. An iPod/iPhone app would be a good idea. Though I must admit, I'm a complete geek and also have an iPad, which is big enough to browse the site just fine.
  15. I'm looking forward to being assimilated! As a newb to home brew, but a long-time forum junky, I was glad to find this place. I look forward to searching and reading ad infinitum. I hope to learn enough to say something semi-smart at some point! My first batch, the included WCPA, is carbonating, and I've got a Golden Wheat in one fermenter, and a Black Tower porter in the other. I'll post again as soon as I have some results. Off to read some more...
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