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  1. 2 liter pop bottles work great as do 5 liter gravity fed mini kegs.
  2. My brew pot is to big to put in the sink and ice and I don't have a wort chiller. I thought a few ice cubes would cool it down in the pot to siphon it out. We add water to the LBK after the wort has been put in so are there reasons against it?
  3. In the 5 months I've been brewing, I've done everything except AG. I'm sure I'll get to it. Right now buying bulk LME, hops and grains is giving me the ease and ability to basically make any beer under the sun in about 3 hours.
  4. I had this same problem. 3 fermenters and my wife started drinking some and voila the pipeline had sprung a leak. So I now have a 15 gallon fermenter (12 gallons fermenting) and the 3 mr. beer fermenters. I'll probably stick to the big one unless I'm doing simple extract brewing. I found once you steep and add hops that it takes just as long to brew 1 gallon or 12.
  5. It is done. I need a new hose for my siphon so I didn't get an OG. Everything went pretty smooth though.
  6. summer session ale batch 12 gallon Malt 13 lb. northern brewer gold lme steeping 30 min. 2 lb. crystal malt 10 L 1 lb. crystal malt 40 L 8 oz. gambrinus honey malt 8 0z. carapils Hops boil 60 min. Hallertau 4.0 oz. 5 min. Falconers flight 0.5 oz. yeast 3-danstar windsor ale others 1 oz. ginger root 1 oz. lime zest 2 oz. lemon zest. This is my first time with my new equipment in a batch this big.
  7. Looks good. If you really want the color to match 1-2 oz. of C-120 L. would probably do it with out adding much. Or food coloring. I kid, I kid.
  8. I've had a few of these. To me they were just ok. I thought there was a weird hop twang. My wife really liked it though. I brewed it straight up except adding a 1/2 pack of booster and I switched the yeast to US-05.
  9. I used both of these yeasts a lot this winter. I keep my thermostat on 60 at night and the fermenters are in a pantry on an outside wall. I'm sure they get down around 58ish at night and I've never had a problem.
  10. I've almost finished drinking all of my clone of this and I must say this is probably the best beer I've made to date yet. It is a tart cherry brown. I used 1 can englishman's nut brown hme, 1 can creamy brown ume and 1 can of tart cherries added at day 3. I believe I used safeale 05 but I might of used 04.
  11. I made a vanilla stout and I screwed it up. I used imitation (not sure if this was a problem) and I used about 5 oz. total. At first the taste is good but its too much and it just sits on your tongue. In hindsight I would use real vanilla and use 2 oz. for the whole batch. If it is not enough next batch add another oz.
  12. deckm wrote: you could make any color beer with all of that. Where do you plan on storing all of that? and how long do grains keep? I plan on getting a tub with a snap on lid or a bucket and then storing them in my basement. Being in Michigan the temps should never get above low 70's and with the dehumidifier running it shouldn't be too moist.
  13. I ended up getting 3 lb. of each of the C-10 L, 40 L, 80 L and 120 L. I also got some carapils, chocolate, black patent and crisp brown all in 2 lb. quantities. I'll probably need more bulk LME before I need more grains. For a mr. beer sized batch is 1 lb. or less of grains an acceptable steep?
  14. If it helps I drink and brew all kinds of beer. I'm just wondering if you guys like to buy 20 lb. of a certain grain or two to brew with most beers.
  15. I'm gonna spend a little chunk of change (less than $200) outfitting myself to be able to brew cheaper. I'm picking up a 33 lb. pail of gold malt LME and I bought a 1/2 pound of a few different kinds of hops. I'm looking to outfit myself for different kinds of beers through steeping grains. What are some ideas of the base grains I should buy 5-10 pounds of while I'll buy smaller quantities of more specialized grains?
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