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  1. "Porthos" post=374411 said: "BigPapaG" post=374400 said:Any one have any experience with BeerSmith 2 (also know as BeerSmith Mobile)? I downloaded it for my iPad the other day for $7.99 but haven't had time to set it up and key in some of my existing recipies... I bought it for my iPad as well. I don't have the desktop version as I never touch my home PC anymore, so I was hoping the iPad version would have all the features. I was quickly disappointed when I found that the iPad version won't convert AG recipes to extract. I'm an extract only brewer at the moment so that is one feature I was looking for. I guess the desktop version does it. Hopefully it gets added in the future. Who knows what other desktop features are missing in the mobile version. And yes, I realize the mobile version costs less but the developers need to realize that more and more people are passing on desktops and laptops in favor of tablets. If the mobile version of BeerSmith has limited features, people will go with another option. I've read that iBrewmaster is very full featured. Too bad I already bought BeerSmith mobile, otherwise I might have went with iBrewmaster even though it costs more. I have iBrewmaster as well... But it doesn't handle partial boils, late additions and it seems I'm always adding a new grain or hop tpe into inventory as they are missing from the default database. I was using Hopville.com which was really good, but it has been purchased by BrewToad.com and the engine is not as good IMHO. So, I went back to iBrewmaster but saw the mobile version of BeerSmith and decided to get it. Guess I'll play with it a little to get a feel for it and if I can use it, cool.
  2. Any one have any experience with BeerSmith 2 (also know as BeerSmith Mobile)? I downloaded it for my iPad the other day for $7.99 but haven't had time to set it up and key in some of my existing recipies...
  3. Sounds really good Paul... I'm getting ready to brew a Dunkleweisen this week using Midnight Wheat instead of Carafa II... Like your Dark IPA, I want a Hefeweizen flavor in a dark ale... Not a true Dunkle but oh well...
  4. "Joechianti" post=374350 said:I'm about to bottle up a nice(hopefully) Doppelbock that was in primary for 4 weeks and secondary for 3 weeks. I'm concerned the yeast may be too wore out to carbonate the bottles, so I'm thinking of dropping a little yeast in each bottle. I harvested the yeast from primary, but figure it's too much of a pain to work with, so planning to use dry yeast instead. My big question is if using a few grains of something like MB fromunda ale yeast for carbonating in the bottles will have any noticeable impact on the lager doppelbock. I'm guessing it won't even be noticeable at all. My other concern is that there will be no aeration for those few grains closed up in the bottle, so will they still do their thing anyway? Hi Joe, I've done this many times... No problem adding some yeast to each bottle or mixing in the whole batch (batch yeasting?) like you would batch priming. Don't need a lot really, and any yeast will do... I have used US-05, S-04, Fromunda, Downunda, etc... A pinch per bottle will do it... Maybe a gram per LBK, two per fiver... No change in flavor (unless you dump a couple of packs in... Think yeasty smells etc...
  5. "Bingman111" post=374173 said:Does dunking and mixing the grain bag around in the wort/water have an effect on the steeping efficiency? Those that cover and leave the bag alone for 30 minutes are you missing out? Not at all... Simply dunk a few times or sparge with a quart of 170*F water at the end (sparge equals 'pour hot water over grain bag slowly while holding it up out of the pot') and remove the grain bag. No worries!
  6. Just be sure the hydrometer reads an appropriate FG... If the yeast died at 90*F (and they might not have, just sayin') and the fermentation did not produce enough alcohol there could be bad things in there that could hurt you... But, if the FG is where one would expect (don't know what you started with but for a MR. Beer batch, assuming about 1.040 as a starting point, you should get to about 1.010-1.013 or one fourth of where you started...) As long as you have 2% alcohol by volume or better, you are ok. If you don't yet have a hydrometer, please get one... They are like $8-10 and even if you don't kow the original gravity reading (OG), you can still read the final gravity (FG) and see that it is in the low to mid teens...
  7. "psbeerkeeper" post=374094 said: "FedoraDave" post=373971 said:I get the temperature up to between 160 and 165, then flame-out, add my grains, cover the pot, and wrap it in a couple of towels. Works every time. Since I have an electric stove, when "flame out" occurs, do I still leave it on the same burner that I just turned off, or do I move it to another one? You should move it... That burner will continue to give off heat for a little while and could continue to raise the temperature. Just move it, cover it, and wrap it... Come back in 30 minutes and all is well!
  8. I freeze all my hops, all the time, and refrigerate all my yeast, all the time. I just take them out as I am preparing my sanitizer and getting my brew day stuff ready... They are at room temp by the time I want to use them... No worries... Even the smack pack yeasts are usually swelled by then...
  9. "Sluggo" post=374059 said:ChizzleD - it was OUTSTANDING. Very hoppy. Grapefruit finish. My go to brew, and about 1/2 way thru drinking the batch. Have yet to do a taste test against the commercial stuff but will do so in the next few days to see if it's spot on. I used 2-Row Briess and 570 yeast Glad it worked out for you Sluggo!
  10. "windowpane" post=373278 said:Me Likey! Octoberfest. [attachment=13456]MrBeer.jpg[/attachment] Looks clear, good head, bet it's mighty tasty! Congrats!
  11. Don't know about the Morgans kits, but if you can get the Munton's kits that have two cans of HME, one can would work in an LBK. You would use the other for a second batch. Using both would likely be way too hoppy as it was designed for 5 gallons of final volume. You could just order Mr. Beer kits from Amazon 'ahead' of when you need them, thereby building not only a brew pipeline, but a supply pipeline as well!
  12. I use a lot of Pilsen and I find it offers a sort of grainy sweet finish which works for a lot of Belgians... I also like it in an IPA (I will use Pilsen, Pale or both) and especially a DIPA. It seems to reinforce the hops a bit better than Pale malt which alters the overall balance of the beer so I take that into consideration with my hop schedules. (sometimes LOL!)
  13. "Jim Johnson" post=373048 said:you can put me down for a small growler Hey Bob, I got this... One Small Growler for you JJ...
  14. "Beer-lord" post=372086 said:I would have tried one at 4 weeks just because I'd have to but me thinks it's ready. Let me know what you think of the Mosaic hops. I've been thinking of getting some but I have so much now that I have to use. Drink 'em up Chris... Paul, I used Mosaic in a wheat and it was great.... Kind of like Simcoe with a twist... Also had it in a friends IPA and it was equally good...
  15. i use about a pound of rice syrup solids in my 5 gallon extract-based Cream Ale... Just add it in at late boil, like T-15 or so... :borg:
  16. So sorry to read of your loss... I have been there before and will no doubt be there again and I know how hard it is to let go, but like you, I also know that the decision is the right and proper one. We will all meet again down the road, and the unconditional love will have remained!
  17. Awesome Joe, congrats! Sounds like it's going to be a good one! :cheers:
  18. Ola! Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Disfrute de una buena cerveza hoy! :drinking:
  19. I like to use Simcoe in greater percentages, with Amarillo and Citra in smaller percentages for bittering. Then I reverse it, lowering the amounts of Simcoe for later additions and substituting more Amarillo and Citra. EDIT: You might try a short bittering addition at say T-30 or 35... Won't be as harsh as a 60-90 minute boil.
  20. I like Dave's suggestions as well... As far as the Galena is concerned, it's a good bittering hop and you should be fine with it.
  21. Absolutely! I'll add only that one should not forego the normal documentation of said frankenbrew... Take good notes. Not only will they help you learn what does what, but they will allow you to reproduce the monster should you find it to your liking! ( I know this from experience... Had a couple of great ones early on that I have no idea how I brewed thm... Alas, I fear I will never taste them again! )
  22. It looks ok... For that size batch, I think I would reduce the CaraPils to .25 lb. I would make the steep ime 30 minutes, and maybe bring the total boil to 30 minutes instead of 60, adjusting the hop schedule acordingly ( you will use a bit more bittering hops but save yourself a half hour ). I do this a lot and don't have any DMS issues with extract brews... Your brew, your choice... Just my opinions 'cause you asked... Other than that, brew on!
  23. "Beer-lord" post=367055 said: "BigPapaG" post=367044 said:How's your thermometer? Maybe it's off and your mash temps are a bit higher than you think... I have a thermometer in my brew kettle and when I got it, I check it against 3 other thermometers that were all the same. The one on the brew kettle is 4 degrees off.....shows a higher temp than it really is. So, when I mash, I use 3 thermometers (told ya I was semi-OCD) so I'm sure the temps are fine.
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