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  1. Thanks, my mistake... I think he used the word steep... To get the resulting good stuff in the liquid that then gets boiled and hopped (wort)... Did I get that right? Edit: Told you I was a newbie... Anyway, too soon for that, I'm pretty confident with the Mr Beer brews I'm making and the results have been good also...
  2. Ok, cool... Went to the local home brew store that's 5 min away from me today and was asking a lot of questions of the proprietor re: AG processes and he recommended boiling grain, then sparging and then boiling as wort... This is it yeah?
  3. @ar588 so the newbie asks... what is BIAB?
  4. I assume by cold crashing you mean in the keg right? Hmmm, I went straight to bottle with priming... Hope it clears up while conditioning...
  5. I just bottled a Strawberry Maibock and what I did was decant into a 32oz french coffee press... (calling the brew 'RawBerry)... The screen was tight enough to get the pulp and seeds out while leaving the beer relatively unfiltered.
  6. @ar588 Agreed.. Planning a heffeweizen soon and will most likely try the weihenstephaner...
  7. Since it's an extract, why couldn't you add to taste after the majority of the ferment? Just asking... Maybe a hint of clove would be good too!
  8. I rinse well with warm water right after finishing the bottling process... Being sure to get all solids out, and letting clean water run through the spigot... Rinse the cap well too. If not brewing again right away ( who does that???)... A quick (15 minute) sanitization with the no rinse MB sanitized does the trick... While cleaning up the rest of the items used... Prior to the next brew, I always sanitize EVERYTHING including the keg, cap, spigot and all utensils, vessels, etc. Seems to work well for me... Do I smell what might be considered yeast or beer once it's dry? Just a bit, but it's plastic after all and plastic tends to retain odor... Hint: Never store tomato based sauces in anything plastic as IMHO it becomes a one-use container!
  9. Interesting... So far, all my brews have been pitched at about 76 degrees and fermented at about 71 degrees... Flavor has all been great... In reading these posts though, I'm going to drop the pitch temp to under 70 and try fermenting in the low 60's maybe... Does that sound about right or stll too high? What are the 'accepted' temps for ale vs lager? Thanks.
  10. My first batch ever was one Octoberfest HME, one pack of Booster and I added one half cup of dark brown sugar... Two weeks in the fermenter with the original (under the lid) yeast and then bottled it. First sampling after two weeks and it seemed a little bit cidery... Four more weeks in the bottle and it was a different beer, very drinkable and well liked by all who tried it. Second batch was the seasonal dark strong ale, half a pack of English Ale yeast and no booster! (I did dry hop with half a pack of MB fugell (spelling) pellets though).... Again, two weeks in the fermented and six weeks in the bottle... Result? Awesome! I've named it 'Thick as a Brick DSA'... 'cause it's very robust and so dark, visibility zero! Since then I have been sold on more malt, hopped as desired, and no booster... Two questions though... 1) Can I use the left over booster as priming sugar in the same amount as white sugar? And... 2) My next brew is destined to be one American Devil IPA HME, and two UME's of the golden variety! And some Hallertau in the boil for 30 min or so... I'm planning on using A safe brew dry yeast... Should I use more than half a packet? (a whole packet seems right for 5 gallons so I've been usin half for 8.5 liters)... Thoughts? Thanks!
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