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  1. When pouring from the 1 Liter PET bottles why not use a 1 liter mug. Its what I use. And have for years less trips to the fridge
  2. LMAO gee all the guy wants is a little head. :laugh:
  3. How can you be sure the light goes out in the fridge Have you gotten into the fridge and closed the door? :freeze:
  4. Very interesting recipe. Please keep us up to date on this one. Optimator is one of my favorites. Its a big beer but not to big. And I too have been looking for a good clone recipe for it.
  5. Was in Peru 5 years ago had 3 wisdom teeth taken out 4 root canals with crowns AND orthodontic surgery all in 2 weeks Never missed an oppertunity to drink a Crystal Cerveza and didnt get a yeast infection. get em pulled and bottoms up.
  6. Gee I guess I am the only MrB brewer in South Florida. Thanks everybody. seems like we are all over the country.
  7. Congrats to the Winner. :cheers:
  8. Just like the titla states where are you from? I am from Greenacres Florida.
  9. I was just looking around on the web and found this nice little calculator for finding OG with temp as a variable. http://www.brewersfriend.com/hydrometer-temp/
  10. Cant drink the crap in the stores anymore. And craft beers are way to expensive. And then there is the coolness factor. And my kids 20 and 21 think its cool that there old man can make beer. Plus brew day is a great way to get the wifey out of my hair for a little while. She dosent like the smell of wort LMAO.
  11. VT im not dissatisfied with my beer actually it is very good beer the only thing I am dissatisfied with is the clarity. But I knew I was rushing things from beginning to end. I have another batch in ferment now. It is going to sit for 3 weeks. Come hell or high water. YD yes I do enjoy drinking wort LMFAO. Tiny I added 1 lb of Breiss DME to the wort.
  12. yes 18 days from brew to glass yes I know I rushed the beer. But I am also learning patients
  13. Thanks guys for all responses. I really need to get a second fridge the wife would have a fit for me to take up that much room in the fridge we have now. I am looking for a Dorm room fridge now. Because I not only want it for my Mrb keg but also for the 6.5 gal fermenter I have now. Plus I want to make some lagers also. Ok so wirloc tabs or irish moss in boil longer time in first fermenter transfer to secondary fermenter and cold condition before bottle. Is that correct? But I have to admit my first beer wasent half bad. Hell even the wifey said it was good. But it did turn out to be a pretty big beer I am guessing upwards of 7-8%.
  14. No I havent must give it a try. I know it wont be as clear as commercial beer but I have a very cloudy beer on my hands.
  15. Here is a question I havent seen answered yet so I need to ask it. If you leave the beer in the fermenter longer will the beer get clearer? My beer is good however it is cloudy not as see thru as I would like.
  16. Sorry guys no porn. However After 18 days I can say I have beer. Not the best I have ever had not the worst. But not bad for my first attempt. It is the Mr.B American Blond Ale with the added 1 lb of Breiss DME. Nice aroma nice body but very little head. But a nice summer beer. for sure. Im sure a little more time in the fermenter and a little longer conditioning and it is going to be better.
  17. Rick DME adds flavor and body to your beer. But it also bumps your ABV. thats all I can tell you at this point im still a noob myself. Hope that helps.
  18. Ok the brew is in the bucket and the airlock is making music. Ended up changeing the recipe at the last minute. here it is 2 lbs Biscuit Malt 1/2 lb Chocolate Malt steeped at 165 for 45 minutes sparged once with 165 degree water while waiting for the boil desolved 2 lbs Breiss Pilsner Light DME 45 minute boil 1oz Amarillo pellets at 45min 1 oz Amarillo Pellets at 15 Flame out added 4lb can Muntons Canadian Ale and 1/2 cup Molassas Pitched the Muntons fromunda yeast. Boil was a 2 gal boil Og was 1050 according to Qbrew should have been 1061 Tasted out from hydro test oh yummy cant wait until its done. I am still going to use Mr. Beer for special brewa and test batches but I really did have fun with this 5 gal batch.
  19. Ok it looks like to get it all to balance out I am going with Amarillo hops 2 oz for 30 min. gets bitter to 33 thats better.
  20. I punched it through Qbrew also and I saw that I may use the cascade hops for 20 minutes of the boil I need to punch it through qbrew again I want to balance the malt and the hops so I need to run it through until it balances. And really ll I am trying to do is to take that canandian and add more body and more flavor.
  21. Thanks guys. Tiny I got the info from an old time brewer from the LHBS says steeping the Bicuit is fine. Shouldnt be a problem.
  22. Like the title says. Here is the recipe I have selected. 1.5lbs Biscuit Malt steeped for 30 minutes. .5oz Cascade hops last 10 minutes of boil 1.5lbs Breiss DME Light Flame out 4lb can Muntons Canadian Ale I am thinking of using White Lab WP568 yeast because of the higher ferment temps.
  23. A black and Tan is simple. Finish your beer as it is. then bottle and condition. when its done open one and pour a 1/2 mug of the stout. Then open a lighter beer like a ale or pils and fill the mug up and drink . Now you have a black and tan. The tan is going to cut the bitterness of the stout a lot.
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