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  1. I put my LME in the freezer. I either keep it in the half gallon jug or I divide it up into plastic frozen juice containers, which hold 1.2 lb each (5 containers per half gallon jug). Then I can grab one Pilsen LME, one Amber or whatever I need. It doesn't really expand as it freezes, so it works fine. Sometimes I leave it in the freezer for a year and I haven't noticed any difference in the beer I make with it than with fresh stuff I just bought, although I may not have as refined of a palate as other when it comes to beer.
  2. You don't want to bottle if it isn't done, or you will have bottle bombs for sure. That being said, I've never had a batch that isn't done in 14 days. My last one had bubbles on the top after 2 weeks, which isn't usually the case, but the hydro reading showed that fermentation was complete.
  3. Read the 'simple guide line' in the 'new brewer' section, it will help a lot
  4. You should wait 4 weeks in the bottle, not the 1 week suggested by the instructions. The beer will be better each week. some people try one early, but it will be better if you let it go longer. The stuff at the bottom of the bottle is called trub. When you poor it into a glass, try to do it slowly so the trub stays in the bottle.
  5. I always put the yeast in the freezer if it is going to be a while before I can use it. My yeast always seems to perform well.
  6. My FG hydro readings are routinely coming in very low, like 1.003. My OG is 1.046. Does that sound right? When I put the recipe in brewers friend, they usually predict a FG of 1.007, and it is always much lower, even after I correct for temp. if I manually change the yeast attuntuation from 80% to about 93% on brewers friend then it comes up correct, but I don't get how my Safale05 could be doing so well. I use a half pack for my 2.5 gal batches, I don't do a starter, and I keep the yeast in the freezer, all no-no's.
  7. I had issues with Q brew as well. Downloaded it on my wife's work laptop, computer crashed a few times, she said it started happening as soon as we downloaded it.
  8. I use brewers friend.com. It works well and it's free.
  9. It's weird how many "cider" type of posts we get on this site. I guess it is a common experience. I've been brewing for 3 years, basically a batch every 3 weeks in that time, and I've never experienced what so many others have.
  10. Both are excellent choices for a wheat beer. If you want to add more IBU's, you'll need to add them to the boil (with booster, DME, or LME, not with an HME). Dry hopping is an excellent way to get hop aroma.
  11. You can certainly do it, especially as an experiment. However, I wouldn't recommend it, because you are bound to be dissapointed. Nearly every time I've taken one early, I've been disappointed. I tell myself that it's because I had it too early, but the disappointed feeling still lingers. Then I wait the proper time, and wouldn't you know it, it's a dang good beer.
  12. I would have some concern about the yeast, since it is expired. It might work, but might not.
  13. Sounds like a good plan. If you have used HME's, the malt extract isn't a far leap and will certainly make a better beer than WCPA alone.
  14. Congrats. It feels good, doesn't it.
  15. If you want to make it stronger, check ou the LME soft packs, DME. They will add more flavor as well depending on which one. You could go with the booster as well, if you only want to do more alcohol and not change the flavor a great deal. I just got a second LBK that came with the CAL, to which I'm going to add booster that's been sitting in my closet for three years.
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