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  1. My batch of first pitch pilsner was fairly amber in color. More so than it looked on the website anyways.
  2. I would recommend using a pound of DME.
  3. I did something very similar with the american blonde recipe. I boiled saaz for 20 mins and added a pond of light dme. Its been 6 weeks since started and I cracked one last night for a try. It was delicious. Still needs more time to condition but the saaz came through great and it had good head retention and nice lacing. Over all way better than my first brew(wcpa).
  4. More yeast. If you look at the sites that offer the 6 gallon recipes it should say what fermentation times are. I dont really think its much different, besides being alot more beer. Although if you are going to do bigger batches, there are cheaper products than Mr. Beer.
  5. Welcome fellow Michigander!
  6. I just fold up the yeast packet wrap in plastic wrap and stick it in the fridge. I havent had a problem with it doing its job. I let the yeast warm up for a bit after being in the fridge and pitch it. I got just as much activity as I did when I first opened the packet.
  7. Twiz

    3rd batch

    While id love nothing more than to only drink beer that was well aged, I just dont have the supplies to have more than 2 batches going right now. I love beer. I love the beer that I have made so far. I want to drink my beer. I dont think these mr beer size batches are gonna cut it for me very much longer. Time to get some buckets and carboys. SHMBO is not gonna like this.....
  8. Twiz

    3rd batch

    Holy schnikes!! Two months! That's quite a while. I only have two sets of bottles and one fermenter. Thats really gonna put a hold on the amount of brew I have available at any given time. Ah well....guess I'll just have to get more bottles. Thanks for the helpful(if not hard to hear)advice.
  9. Twiz

    3rd batch

    So..... has anyone here done the pilothouse? Is it too fruity? What kinda things can I expect?
  10. Twiz

    3rd batch

    I purchased a Pilothouse pilsner premium refill and I just stuck by the instructions except I used the remaining half of us-05 yeast I had left over from my last batch.. So, unlike normal, I just followed the recipe and didnt deviate at all. Im kinda proud of myself. The wort smelled delicious so im anticipating this brew. Well just thought I would post that since im all excited about brewing me some beer.
  11. Yes, No, No, Yes. Outside of keg below the wort-line, either on the front or side - whatever makes it easier to read without moving the keg. +1
  12. Could you just use a stick on thermometer on the inside of the cooler and just assume its 2 degrees or so warmer in the keg?
  13. Port Huron, MI. We got the oldest lighthouse in the state! Also the boyhood home of Thomas Edison! Booyaahh!
  14. The stick on thermometers my lhbs sells go down to 39 degrees. Cost 2 bucks.
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