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  1. I have just bought my slimline (But i went to the container store becuase i do not like wal-mart). I plan on batch-priming my next batch which is the Jazzberry Ram. My process will be: Use priming calculator (Screwy's or others) to get ratio. Mix corn-sugar into a 1/2 cup of warm water Add it half-way thru my x-fer from the MB Keg to the slimline. Use a vinyl tube (everything sanitized!!) to x-fer from MB Keg to SL. Not sure if i want to cold-crash before or not. i like cloudy beer. However with the raspberry i think i should. If i CC i will do it for 24 hours before i do the batch prime above.. thats my plan - right, wrong or indifferent---! PB
  2. Swenocha, Brian, Pepe - Word - thanks - ill use that info for my future brew. from now on its only pure mtn spring water - hopefully it wont come out like that rocky mtn light beer that i drank too much of in college... thansk for the peace of mind - PB.
  3. Making the Czech Pilsner and Blueberry Thrill next. Just cracked my Witty Monk and it came out great!
  4. So Distilled Water may not have what the yeasties need to party hard and get busy. Anyone ever use it anyway? I (like a dummy) just brewed an ADIPA with Distilled Water. After i did (and BTW its all foamy and pretty at the moment) i got to reading and read that Distilled Water is a no-no. Opps - just asking - I'll drink the whole 2 gallons in vain if i have to, im not throwing it out! :-) So - anyone ever use Distilled Water? What were the results? Thanks - Punkbrad.
  5. for .99 cents at the grocery store i bought a funnel the day of my first bottling and MAN it made life easy. my wife has rad stainless steel measureing spoons to very accurately measure the sugar. works wonders! i had nearly the perfect amount - none left over, and i only sampled to the amount of 3 shot glasses. again i have to say my OCD makes me measure everything perfectly however - i know itsnot an exact science, but like Fedora DAve said - having 2/3 of a bottle would be a drag for sure... good job man... let us know how it tastes!
  6. Fuzzyman81 wrote: Very nice. I would have killed to have that kind of carbonation on my first bottle that I popped open this weekend. Oh well, I have 7 more to go to see if they get any better carb'd Thanks for the compliment Fuzz! i have VERY bad OCD so i followed all the instructinos to an exact "T". i used a funnel and accurately measured my sugar into the bottles. not sure if going 24 oz helped or not, but man, they looked FLAT in the bottles, and when i cracked it and poured, it was awesome!! PB
  7. thanks guys - i will keep my 24oz babies right where they are at then.... yeah, i read all the posts about "patience" and i knew i would have to wait, but i just HAD to try one; i mean c'mon. so if people followed the directions "in as little as 14 days" they are drinking schwag beer and will likely get the impression that Mr Beer (or home brew) is no good... im glad i found the Borg! so they will sit for 3 more weeks, then a few day sin the fridge and then down the hatch! fermenting right now is my honey-lemon lager and in the mail are 2 kits of witty monk, so more pix to come.... !! thanks guys! Punkbrad.
  8. SO- should i COLD condition or continue the room temp condition...?
  9. Verdict: West Coast Pale Ale (comes with the kit) :-D 2 weeks ferment 2 weeks carb 2 hours cool I gave one bottle a shot today (just had too try) Results: A little sour, but not sweet at all. Finished clean and a GREAT head upon pour. VERY happy with the carbination amount and quality. Color is nice, not too crisp, but i think with 2 more weeks condition that will smooth out. VERY happy with the kit and my first brew!! Thanks for the support from the Borg! Great heady pour I bottled 24 oz bottles so my wife and i each got a glass...
  10. Twiz wrote: I've looked around. I dont think one will be enough and I dont want to run the risk of over carbing if I use two. I've heard tell that they dont really give alot of carb so maybe two would be alright. I just dont know, so im playing it safe with a tsp of sugar. I'm on my second batch ever and i asked around (Living in San Deigo has its benefits being one of the best micro-brew cities in the world) and with the people i asked its always a toss up - sugar vs. tabs for home brew. im stickin with sugar & a 99cent funnel. clean & easy. maybe in the future i'll try tabs, but i gotta taste my first 2 batches to see if it even needs fixing... good luck twiz...
  11. I’m still a boot when it comes to home brew... having said that; I bought my little brown jug with WCPA and a California lager refill for 35 bux on sale at a kitchen outlet. 12x 22oz bottles for 14 bux. sweet Italian capper for 15 bux. so I’m in it for 64 clams yielding 24x 22oz brews. I don’t want to amass a ton of bottles sitting around, but I’m afraid i have to - to keep the process cyclical... so ill go buy more 22oz bottles. I want to make a Witty Monk but it said to condition for up to 3 months!! that’s a lot of dormant bottles.. but I'm sure its worth it!
  12. Brian1179 wrote: Hallway Brewery :laugh: just dont have a picture yet :S gotcha covered! haha. im bored at work...
  13. Zobl wrote: I guess I'm a little slow...trying to figure it out from picture... Partially Removed Bones? Prostitution Ring Beer? Pamplona Running of the Bulls? Punk Rock Beer? It's Punk Rock Beer isn't it? Yessir - haha. I'm just a dude messing with this little plastic keg. idont take myself too seriously... and i love punk music... so i figured, why not.. PRB, instead of PBR, also popular in punk scene... i did a google image search for "ghetto alley" and that background pic came up, its like some crack-head alley in canada. i think ive been there before.. hahaa. think imma change the background to an all amber liquid with bubbles
  14. Okay, decided on PRB. u can figure it out... Sketched a logo and p-shopped it...
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