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  1. I tried the first bottle this weekend. It turned out pretty well. And it should only get better with time
  2. yankeedag wrote: :borg: Welcome to the BeerBorg Information Center Braxis. You will be assimlated. Resistance is quite Futile: We have beer. You'll find that Hydrometers are a suicidal bunch when left alone. It's normall suggested that you purchase 2. Because one will jump off a counter and kill it's self just to spite you. Didn't even get to use my first one before it jumped and landed on the hardwood floor.
  3. This is what I use: http://www.northernbrewer.com/shop/5-16-id-siphon-hose.html Just had to carefully shave the outside of the tube down a little bit to fit inside the spigot. After that it fits snug inside and works perfectly.
  4. Header75 wrote: You sure know your stuff Mr. Fedora.........thank you very much. I will buy some tubing at Home Dopey. How do reccomend i sanitize it? When you sanitize the second keg, hook it up to the spigot and pour some out into the sink or use it to fill the bottles when sanitizing them. I also place mine in the keg with the Sanitizer before I start to make sure the outside is sanitized to.
  5. Daniels wrote: I just bottled my first keg and after i was finished the bottom of the keg had a white powder base or something like that don't know if this is normal or what any info would be helpful That's called trub. Its completely normal and means you made beer
  6. Header75 wrote: Hello everyone......planning on batch priming my Mr. B Apple Cider since I have an extra LBK. It's going to be my first time doing this.......can I get some advice on how to do it. I will be using the 1L PET bottles. What should I buy? Do I need a Auto Siphon and hose? Do you guys have some pics I can see? Thank you all very much..... I use a 3 foot section of 3/8" OD tubing and the locking spigot on the keg. Just put one end of the tubing inside the spigot and the other end in the second keg. Then fill from bottles from that keg.
  7. Gods Country Brewer wrote: Me. North Central, in Potter County aka "God's Country" hence my name here. I'm 10 miles from Cherry Springs State park, the stargazing capitol of the eastern United States. I used to go camping at the Cherry Springs State Park every summer. It's a great area, used to go deer spotting every night.
  8. I have pliers that should work. Do the widgets leave any glue residue or anything to be worried about?
  9. Thanks for the replies. I'm hoping to pick up a six pack of the black lager tonight on my way home from work.
  10. Are Guinness bottles reusable? I think I remember reading somewhere that they can be a pain because of the nitrogen. Would the black lager bottles be the same problem?
  11. dferron wrote: Glad to see that it dropped a little more. Let us know how it turns out. :cheers: I have them sitting in a plastic storage container right not. Just in case they decide to ferment out those extra points. I plan on trying the first one around 3 or 4 weeks, probably closer to 4
  12. Finally got a chance to bottle this today. It did drop a few more points down to 1.012. Couple points higher than expected, but hopefully it works out. I batch primed with 10.8 tsp of sugar. Can't wait to try one of these
  13. The yeast energizer doesn't appear to have worked. I checked the FG today and it looks to be about 1.018ish. Even subtracting the .003 that my hydrometer is off leaves me 5 points higher than expected. Any other ideas to get this where I need it? Or just check it again tomorrow and if its the same bottle it?
  14. I took a reading in ~60° distilled water and got 1.003. Not too bad. So my beer is still about 1.016. I'm gonna check the beer tomorrow and hope it dropped
  15. dferron wrote: Another thing just came to mind. My hydro is .003 out of calibration. 1.010 for me is actually, 1.013. Perhaps your hydro is not fully accurate. Put it in 60* distilled water, or boiled water (cooled) and see what you reading is. I will try that later today and let you know. Thanks for the advice
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