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  1. Wow, ya'll sure are quick. I think I've already managed to unload them to a good home!
  2. I'd like to send it all if possible, I've little time to package up a bunch of packages. I didn't mention but I don't want to sell it, this is free of charge. I'd just hate to see several cans of mix go bad because I didn't have time to use them.
  3. Long time reader, not often poster here. I'm having a second child and for the time being I don't have room or time to continue brewing. I have several mixes and a pile of one step cleaner I'd like to send to a good home where they would get used before they go bad. I always enjoy the conversation and tips on these forums, even if I rarely had time to contribute. I've got a couple each of bewitched, cowboy, and classic american that I'd send to a good home. Please PM me if you are interested.
  4. panchor wrote: Madmax02 wrote: Is it a good idea to use 2 hme's and a booster??? If I do would I have to use both packets of yeast??? Appreciate the help.... The best Mr Beer beers that I have made have been with 2 HME and one bag of booster. I like hoppy beers, so I prefer 2 HMEs than 1 HME and 1 UME. And yes, use both packets of yeast. My favorite brew is 2 Cans of Golden Lager + 1 Bag of Booster. Use 2 packets of yeast. Ferment 3 weeks. Carbonate and condition for at least a month after that. Turns out to be a nice flavorful, lighter, hoppy brew. I nabbed a ton of Golden Lager's off amazon for 10.99 so I'm in the process of brewing a few more batches of this.
  5. I'm both busy and lazy and regularly leave beer in the fermenter's 3-4 weeks and they have come out with no ill effects.
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