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  1. D Rabbit wrote: It will be drinkable in my opinion. Hard to tell how good it will be. Would me not "lagering" it really effect the taste THAT much, that it wont taste good?
  2. both have been bottled and at room temp for a month and a half or so.
  3. Its no surprise to anyone, but i still am fairly new to brewing and i have seemed to notice a mistake while carbing. I brewed 2 batches.. -Brew haha bock -German hefeweizen To my knowledge they seemed to brew up just fine, i just missed the part where i had to lager it for 1 month. I let both carb at room temperature not knowing i had to lager them. I was looking forward to drinking them this weekend while at a friends house, until i read the instructions. My questions are... Did i ruin the batches for carbing them at room temp? Can they be saved? Can i drink them this weekend? Thanks in advanced.
  4. Awesome I'll subscribe to it right away!!! Any other mags you guys read or this pretty much all you need for a good read/tips for a brew magazine?
  5. Hey guys, I wanna start taking a look at some magazines for beer and brewing. I saw:Brew Your Own and looking for others similar to it. Recommend it or recommend any others? I wanna get a subscription to something like it, so i would appreciate your guys guidance and recommendations. Thanks in advanced
  6. Colby wrote: APell99 wrote: I recently read in "How to Brew" by Palmer. that a capful of bleach can be used to sanitize, but the author also states he recommends Starstan. Bleach is not a 'No Rinse' sanitizer. Starsan, One Step and Idophor are no-rinse and recommended over bleach. My apologies on the bleach recommendation, i meant to say that... You can use it to sanitize but it is not a non-rinse sanitizer. Sorry :S
  7. I recently made a Coopers Irish stout, still fermenting actually (going to bottle it up tomorrow). Just gota be careful, i learned alot from everyone here. But when i used 1 whole can i took a sample and my brew is extremely bittery. So depending on whether you dont mind bitterness, you can go that route. But if i do not like it bittery i would split the recipe between 2 fermenters, but you also have to factor you would have to add additives and such to get you ABV up. It also has alot to do with what extract you use, so im my case the Irish Stout extract didnt help the bitterness level of my brew. . . Heres the thread i created about my bitterness issue everyone was great enough to explain and help me out at: Coopers Irish Stout extremely bittery. Hope it helps.
  8. I recently read in "How to Brew" by Palmer. that a capful of bleach can be used to sanitize, but the author also states he recommends Starstan.
  9. nice! thanks for showing us pics! hope it turns out great! keep us posted
  10. its all bottled up now! ill let u guys know how it turns out in a couple of weeks!
  11. dalton wrote: I have a neighbor who likes to garden and was asking about growing hops for me...Im going to forward him the links...thanks nice keep us posted!
  12. wow thanks silvertip8k for the awesome info! any hops you recommend over others to grow??
  13. oly wrote: http://www.freshops.com/hops/variety_descriptions thanks!
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