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  1. Following up on my Christmas Ale that developed a pellicule. At 3 months in the bottle it's terrific. At 1 and 2 months it still had a musty taste but not really bad. The spices have come through and I can taste the cherries too. The only thing is there isn't much head retention, but it is nicely carbed. If you get something funky, don't throw it out! The worst that can happen is you try some and dump it, but i would certainly bottle it.
  2. I used two Mr Beer yeast packs that come with the HME which is why I am thinking it didnt kill everything in the keg.
  3. Just checked my next batch and after 11 days in the LBK, the same white latex like mass is forming on the surface. I tasted some and to me it was fine, maybe a little musty but its probably in my head. I will take a hydrometer reading this weekend to see if its ready. Is there a way to slow down the growth of this? I assume do not rack or batch so you dont add extra oxygen. Should i cold crash until the FG is right? I did clean everything after the last batch and used a bleach solution. I guess i should just buy a new LBK, just not sure where I went wrong.
  4. I racked to a slimline just for bottling, so it wasnt in there long. But the beer was clear and no funk transferred or so I thought. There was a light film on the inside of the slimline as I bottled. The addition of oxygen from the racking process could have caused whats in the bottle.
  5. Not to rain on your parade, but mine was crystal clear in the bottle. The funk showed up about 2 days later. Keep an eye on it and see if something grows in a few days. Mine tasted really good out of the fermenter too. I plan to open a bottle in a week or so and will update.
  6. The first pic is in the bottle, I bottled from the secondary on Saturday, so this stuff showed up in the bottle quickly. It does look a little powdery I guess, really like a bread mold I would say. Not the same appearance as when it was inthe keg. The beer was in the keg for 4 weeks before I bottled. The picture was taken right before I racked it. The plan is to let it carbonate, which it is nicely. Then wait a week and pour carefully into a glass and give it a try. I was told it will only get worse with age so not to lager too long. The recipe called for 2 months lagering, which I do at a minimum anyway.
  7. Note the condensation in the keg.
  8. The picture of the mass inside the keg does not look like anyone elses on here, so I'm not quite sure what it is. As you can see from the bottles, it is more than just krausen. Same amount of headspace as I normally leave in the bottle.
  9. I also brewed with T-58. I fermented the Christmas Ale recipe as it called except for the yeast. Fermented for 4 weeks before I realized, oh shit that doesn't look good. I racked to a secondary and it did not appear that the infectiom transferred. It tasted it and it was pretty good so i bottled. After a few days i noticed the same white mass growing on the surface of the beer. So, how long do i wait to try it? The recipe calls for two month lagering. Has anyone else had that in the bottle? I am attempting to attach a picture, but its not working from my phone. Will try to upload later. Thoughts?
  10. I have a question on boiling. The Mr. Beer directions say to bring water to a boil, then turn off and add all ingredients. My next batch will have hops, should I boil the HME and UME with the hops? I know your guideline gave times for hop boils, but the basic directions don't give any instruction on it. I am going to make the Full Moon Marzen next.
  11. Ok thanks, but what is the difference between carbonating at room temp and conditioning at room temp? And where is the recipe for Coconut Porter, that sounds like my style.
  12. I brewed the Cherry Wheat for my first batch and after two weeks in the keg, one week at room temp in the bottle and one week in the fridge, the beer tasted sweet with little carbonation. I'm guessing my basement was too cold (low 60's) so the yeast didn't completely ferment, which also would not allow carbonation to work properly. Thoughts/suggestions?
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