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  1. Thanks FD. Just reading about your Dad. I'm glad things are improving. And, tho dementia can be hard on the family he can still love and be loved. Auto siphon it is!
  2. Not sure what it's like. You could do an online search to see what the tasting notes are for Blue Moon Amber Spiced... and try and invent the clone yourself. Choose a MrB Red or Amber and then go for the spices. The bit of valuable info I can lend is this- Go very sparingly on the spices. You can wreck a beer with too much spice... and it won't condition out.
  3. Not from WV, but have the same prob. My local stores that carry something usually carry the same few standard kits, Kegs, and Bottles. Order to Mr Beer online or go to a Local Home Brew Store for raw material product. Get what you want... not what's leftover at the Mall.
  4. Great idea. Get some micro brews that will entice you into trying different MrB recipes that you may not have been interested in previously. Here is how i do the waiting game. I brew a little more than 2.5 gal at a time... a little extra water when you fill the keg. I am allowing for a bit of a test beer ( I have a couple of miller lite plastic bottles that I use for testers). After it's in the bottle for 3 weeks, I test in the 16 oz miller lite bottle. it is sometimes good at 3 wks, but usually has an immature taste. Sometimes it is slightly sweet (cuz the sugars and fermemtables aren't converted to alcohol yet). Then at four weeks, I drink one of the 1 L PET bottles. Usually better. I drink another one at 5 weeks, and one at 6, etc. Somewhere in there I drink it all. I have had beer at 12 weeks before, but not usually. While waiting from week to week, I'm drinking store boughts. Their are two lessons in this for a Rookie. One is patience, but allows you a taste per week... after the three or four wk mark. Second is the difference between the beer as it has longer carb/conditioning time. So a beer that was cidery at 3 wks, and half azz'd at 5 weeks, may have been wonderful at 8 weeks. You learn that time is your friend when looking for quality in taste. Cheers
  5. My buddy has a MrB growler with swing top. It has held the carbonation for about a 9 month conditioning period. My two cents.
  6. Hi guys. I have been reading about racking to a secondary fermenter for ages now, but have never done it. I just made a Black Cat Ale, and between the complex recipe including hops (commando), I have a messy looking brew. I want to rack to 2nd-ary and then cold crash to be prepared to bottle a cleaner brew. Q1: Do you drain from the first LBK out the tap spigot? Q2: Has anyone made the Black Cat Ale that can speak well of it? I like a dark or a porter, but not stouts... so went with this recipe to use my St Pats Irish Stout extract. Thanks,
  7. A couple of things- Yeast. If each of your three cans of HME/UME come with fumunda yeast, use all three. Fermentation and the hydrometer. If you don't have a hydrometer (like me) go for a three week fermentation. This beer recipe is big and complex with all the product and will require a few days more than a simple recipe to ferment. I would also be prepared to leave it in the bottle for a min of foru weeks. Take a test drink/bottle at four weeks and judge how much longer it may need to mature and improve in its taste/body, etc. Welcome to the world of brewing.
  8. Hey... A good lesson for Newbies is the test bottle. I have a couple of plastic Miller Lite bottles that I use for a 3 or 4 week test. After it's been in the bottle for three to four weeks is what I mean. At 5 weeks drink another bottle and see how the carbonation and flavor have improved. Drink another at 6 weeks, etc. You will see great differences between a four week carb/conditioning time and say, 8 weeks. It will prove to you that waiting is better than drinking "green" beer at 3 weeks old.
  9. the math per beer (less shipping) above is correct. 2.5 gals/8 liters equals about 18 12 oz beers. Our $14 or 15 dollar batch is cheaper than a half case of Micro Brews at $16+. MrB is cost effective... however, because of the fermentation time and conditioning time, you will be doing it as a hobby rather than to keep the fridge stocked. Tho some of the folks on this blog seem to have batches ready every few days. I've been doing about one a month as a hobbyist. I have two stores near me (Bass Pro Shop and a Kitchen store at my local mall... can't remember the name of it) that sell Standard refills, kegs, and bottles. Those kits keep about 2/3s of my needs filled. Occassionally I'll make an online order and get some UMEs and extra yeast to build some recipes that I haven't tried before (recipes from MrB website in the online store and refill/recipe area). Do it for the fun of it, and for the pride in creating a great tasting brew. Cheers!
  10. Enjoy the blonde, you will love it. Give it about a month in the bottle. I have made this one twice and it may be the best beer I've made yet. Next to the Octoberfest.
  11. Sounds good. I have a Blonde and a WCPA or two that I could use as the light UME mix. Good idea about the booster. What is your opinion about using all vs 3/4 or 1/2 the stout? I'm guessing by your comment that the light UME and booster fixes the need to reduce the stout. thanks again,
  12. I made one using the MrB recipe (archived) called Belgian Blanc. I screwed mine up, so I can tell you what not to do. From a fuzzy memory, it took two Whispering Wheats and orange zest, optional corriander and three cloves, crushed. Search for Belgian Blanc in the web store. I goofed it up by using a tsp or two of clove powder. it was too much, and the Wonks told me that a spice flavor will never condition out. On the orange zest, I used McCormicks... it's too tart/sour/bitter. Use, per the recipe, the peel/zest of two medium oranges. FedoraDave recommended a cup of OJ while in the fermenter. I forget if it was five days from bottling??? The clove taste never mellowed out. This beer was terrible.
  13. one of the many beer kits I got for Christmas was the St Patrick's Irish Stout UME. i don't like stouts, and wanted to know if any of you have a suggestion for using it in another recipe. I looked in the MrB Online Store/Recipes and didn't see anything that wasn't a stout variation. I was hoping for a porter or something similar. Thanks,
  14. I have made about two batches of WCPA, but no Cowboy Golden Lager. The first batch of WCPA was cidery. I fermented for 15 days and tested after bottle carb/cond after another 21 days. Cidery... bad. I tried another bottle for week 4 and week 5 (bottle time) and it got better. After making about ten batches of beer, I would say that my problem was that I should have used two fumunda yeasts, and I shoulda tipped the bottles the first week to mix the priming sugar better. I do that now and it produces a better product. The body is light. Color is like straw and nearly clear... like an American lager. Taste is also light and crisp. WCPA was hoppy at the three week test, but not at 5 and 6 weeks (hmmm?). ABV is probably 3.5%. Head is large bubble and hearty from good carbonation. IMHO.
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