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  1. It's officially been 2+2+2 and my bBeer is clear and nicely carbed but does not taste great. I took 1 of the PET bottles and put in in the freezer for a few hours today and I'm drinking it now. Maybe a cidery taste, definitely not a great taste. Almost feel like I get some film left behind on my tongue and roof of my mouth. Something is definitely off w/ the flavor. Is this because it is a standard kit w/ the booster? The rest of my bottles are still in a box, I'll probably leave in there another week then try again. Do I need to leave my bottles in the fridge a couple days before drinking or is the freezer instant cooled method ok? I tasted my 1st bottle 2 wks ago and it was horrible, another 1 week ago and it was still not good but improved over the 1st one and I was hopeful that all would be good this week. This bottle tastes the same as last week though. Hopefully more time will help the taste otherwise these are going down the drain!
  2. Just bottled by 1st batch of Mr. Beer, got my 2nd brewing and my 3rd is going back in the 1st keg within the hour! Fermented my High Country Canadian Draft for 15 days at room temp w/ a large thick towel over the keg. We keep the house at 70-72F. First sample (2oz shot) before bottling was a little cloudy and flat, not sweet. After getting the first few bottles filled, decided I would take another sample since the beer was much clearer after the first bottle. 2nd sample was a little sweet, cidery I guess. Soooooo...... is my beer gonna be crap or will it condition out? I plan to leave it in the bottles for 4 weeks before putting it in the fridge. :chug: Mike
  3. Exactly the answer I was looking for thanks! It's funny, just spent 20mins looking for the pic of the Growler I actually have because I just saw it the other day, and it was right here on the MB site. Anyway, I agree that $28 is a good price for that Growler, without the handle they can be had at homebrewheaven for $16. Right down the road from me, Olde Saratoga Brewery sells that Growler for $27 filled, I'm partial to the fancy handle... at least for a few. Mike
  4. I've got my first batch in the keg, ready to bottle next Sat, 2/12. I have the PET bottles that came in my kit, but I've also got a 2l Growler similar to pic and some Grolsch bottles my local recycle center hands over for the mere redemption cost of 5c per bottle. Figured I'd fill the growler and put the rest in mix of glass and plastic bottles. Any risk to carb/conditioning in the growler? Is it more likely to blow? My 1st batch is a simple Canadian brew. Will the timing be different due to different volumes? Figured as my patients wears, I'd start taste testing the bottles and as soon as it's good, invite some friends over and pop the growler. I've got my second keg and a slew of UME's on the way to supplement the econo kits recieved for xmas! Addicted before I've even tasted the 1st batch... Mike
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