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  1. No comment on Hothead Yeast, but I thought my Santa Rita turned out nice. It's an easy drinking beer.
  2. Better Brewing Radio did a bread yeast experiment. I'm sure you can find their results.
  3. The twang is what disappoints me in my MB beers. If I age a while, and when I've followed MB recipes that have hops and extract added, I notice it less. I have a Baltic Porter to brew, but I may try a simple extract recipe next, probably a pale ale based on Brewing Classic Styles.
  4. Sounds similar to this, if you add some hops: https://www.mrbeer.com/gila-monster-black-ipa-recipe
  5. The Star San bottle that I have has a measuring reservoir. So I squeeze it to the right amount, in my case 1/2 oz. for 2 1/2 gallons. It makes it very easy to use.
  6. My first taste of Churchill's was after about 4 or 5 weeks in the bottle. I got that "sharp" taste too. I tasted a bottle a week later, much better. The sharpness was reduced and the roastiness was coming through nicely. I have one in fridge right now, about 6 or 7 weeks in the bottle. I may taste it tonight. I also found that, as you would expect,
  7. Thanks for the clarification Rick. That wasn't a pun!
  8. I'm picking up on this because I need to dry hop my Thunder Bay IPA. There's already 3 hop bags in the LBK now, so the dry hop will be 4. My plan was to boil a cup of water and put the hop bag in there for sanitation. How long to leave it in there? Should I add the hop tea to the wort? Should I remove the 4 hop bags at bottling time?
  9. Thanks guys. I feel okay about the Thunder Bay IPA that I brewed, I had a week of controlling temperatures. I can wait a couple of weeks on the next one. It's a shame, I wanted to brew a stout for St. Paddy's, but there's no way it's ready if I decide to wait. There's always the local pub and Guinness!
  10. Sometimes I have to travel for work and I want to fit a brew session in when I can. My temperature control system is Cool Brew container. It's basically an insulated soft container that you put bottles of iced water in to keep the temperature down. It works pretty good if you're on top of it. Obviously when I travel I can't change the bottles. So, for example. I plan to brew tomorrow night, but I travel on Saturday and get back on next Wednesday. The temperature will no doubt have risen. Last night when I got back from a trip the latest brew was at 71'. Should I cool it down again or just let the temperature stay the same as much as possible?
  11. I swear I searched. Is 73' too hot for bottle conditioning an ale? I can condition in a room of my apartment at around 68', where the bottles have been for the last day. I could condition under the sink, which I've been measuring at around 72' to 73.
  12. Do you wait for the sanitizer to dry first? I wiped the funnel down with cheap vodka and let it dry.
  13. Basic Brewing Radio has an episode from 1/9/18 that talks about Alcohol Free Beer.
  14. My Churchill is 3 weeks in the LBK, I'm planning on bottle on Friday. I did use S-04, but no other alterations. I'm looking forward to it.
  15. To be clear, I am talking about bottles that have been initially cleaned of any labels and glue. Also, I am not talking about sanitizing. After pouring a homebrew I rinse a couple of times and leave it filled with water. I then rinse them the next day and set them aside to store. When getting ready to bottle I do a quick rinse and then use Star San before bottling. Is that enough or do I need a PBW clean between batches? I don't let the beer trub dry out in the bottom of the bottle.
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