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  1. Just saw Josh's post above, looks like I missed it :'(
  2. Is the still available? I went to try and snag a couple, and the title said 60% off exclusive, but the grand total was full price.
  3. +1 to the above. My beer has benefited from many of those posts.
  4. Interesting. Glad you were happy with the addition. I have some staggeeback stout that's been in bottles for over four months and it's better every time I taste it! Don't be afraid to let some condition for a few months if you can save a few bottles. Of course if its AWESOME already, its pretty hard to save any!
  5. "SteveCon" post=36287 said:I had to idle my extract down to 3.25 to get my OG. I shouldn't have to remove a 1/2 lb of extract to get my OG. What does this mean? How I am reading it, you didn't use all the extract because it would have made your OG too high. Your OG was stated 1.060, what would it hurt if it was higher? And if so, why not just use it all and add more water?
  6. Fat tire was one of my gateways too, still a favorite. And Black Butte Porter is one I always reccomend as a premier example of its style. Love that one. I recently discovered a sprouts store nearby they have a good produce and good deals on it. Haven't checked the beer section yet. Next time I will.
  7. Use the advice in future brews. You didn't ruin your beer. It will be good beer. Have you tasted it yet? Let it condition and RDWHAH.
  8. I always pour to a glass for the reasons stated above. Better aroma too. I leave the last quarter inch or so in the bottle to not get any trub clouding up the glass.. However, I often drink that last swallow from the bottle after pouring. I know.. "gross!" A lot of you might think. But I enjoy every drop of my beer and like to see what the yeast tastes like. Plus there are nutrients in there. Be careful, some say drinking bottle trub has undesireable side effects. It doesn't seem to affect me at all in that department, although my wife might argue with that sometimes...
  9. "roadx" post=357814 said: find the recipe to hard E, post it up. worth trying an LBK size batch. I don't have a recipe right now but what they said was it has a beer base, with added vodka, citrus, ginseng, taurine, vitamins, a,b,c, etc. I do know it was based off Hansen's energy drink, which has all that stuff in it: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B000LKTQAE So basically if you wanted to make it you could almost take the mountain brew recipe from here and sub Hansen's energy for mountain dew. I might omit the hop addition if you use an Hme, or start with a pound of dme and add some hops. And I guess add a little vodka... not sure how you'd do that.
  10. Caffeinated too lol.. I'd try it for sure if I had been brewing when I was in college. I have also learned that the crazy experimental brews don't usually turn out as good as they sound. Still tempted to try it sometime anyway for the novelty of it. Cold Spring brewery once made a "beer" about 10 years ago they called "Hard E" for energy. It had 5% abv, caffiene, ginseng, vitamins and crap. They called it energy beer, but it was green and tasted and looked nothing like beer. Was not a bad drink really, chicks would dig it. (no offense, I mean people that like fruity drinks and not beer.) That's what this reminds me of. Tempted to try, but.. caffiene and alcohol.. I'm not much of a partier.
  11. Awesome. Go for it man. Some people aren't ready for all grain until they have 40 Mr beer recipes under their belt, and some go straight to all grain, never touching extract. Others stay with only extract. All can make great beer. If you want it, jump right in, biab isn't hard, you just need a lot more time. Of course you could try partial mash first, but why complicate things? You will be mashing anyway so why fool around. Thanks for the pics, love when property do this.
  12. "azmark" post=355425 said:Can't boil away chloramine, just chlorine. my local water treatment website made the claim it can be boiled away in 20 minutes. However after your statement and others I found online, I am starting to think yours is more accurate.
  13. I have never heard of this yet. Thanks for posting the question. If you can taste the chloramine in your water, its worth a try. Certainly cheaper than buying bottled water for all your beer. After a bit of reasearch, I decided I am sure as hell gonna get some campden tabs to try. No more bottled water for me I hope. I am gathering that boiling for 20 minutes removes the chloramine, so if you full volume boil, I would thing the tabs would be unnecessary. Another thing. Sure you can make GOOD beer with municipal tap water. But if there is the possibility of making even BETTER beer, I'm always gonna look into it.
  14. I made almost the same recipe for a blue moon type beer, except I used the old Mr beer whispering wheat Home. WWW 1 lb light dme coriander, orange Peel sa-05 yeast Tasted FANTASTIC when I drank some at bottling time. That was after a 2 week fermentation. After 2 weeks in the bottle I refrigerated and popped the first one since everyone says wheats are good young. It tasted good, but it had a very distinct green beer aftertaste. I could tell it was young in a second. The abv is about 4%. Just how young is too young? And when do wheats pass their prime? I'm thinking four weeks in the bottle should take care of the green taste, but will it already be over the hill by then? I'm not super worried, I've made a couple wheat beers that were good aged, but I wanted to catch the peak of the famous young wheat.
  15. Old thread.. my contamination/aeration worries were unfounded. This turned out to be one of the best I've ever made. Still have a couple tucked in the closet. During the 3-5 month aging period, they've been outstanding. Its brown/red colored, beautiful and clear. Taste is lighter than the color and mellow. Body is pretty thin, but I expected that. Carbonation level is high,so high that I have a hard time pouring a whole 12 oz bottle in a pint glass no matter how slowly I pour. I went for a higher Carb, but possibly it was not quite at it's FG when bottled I guess. Anyway, great beer. I wasn't as impressed with a Belgian trippel or a wheat I made with this yeast.. the yeast seemed to leave too much flavor. This was near perfect though, so I will have to use WLP500 again after all.
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