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  1. Since I'm partially retired, I would like know what everybody thinks, ir I contact Mr. Beer, about opening up a store, in KC, Kansas that handles their line of products. I know that the local Sear Grand handleds some of the line but not all of what is needed for the pro's. Thanks for any in put you can give!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I want to know if there is somebody out there that can tell me what I can use, besides the the No-Rinse for my keg and bottles, to prep them for the next batch. (Since the No-Rinse is not labeled for the chemicals that is in it.) What do ya'll use to. My wife will not drink the my brew, since she doesn't know what chemicals I used to cleaned the keg and bottles. PLEASE HELP ME Or do I have to contact Mr. Beer????????????????????
  3. If you toast them to long, the over with dry / burn them, and that will transfer to the brew. A slow toasting with mixing and no more than 5 to 8 minutes at 350 degrees with a toaster over
  4. Since I'm new to Mr. Beer system, I would like to know what the chemical is in the no rinse cleaner that I'm using. It's not labeled on the package and my wife is into organic materials. Is there an organic product that I can use to do the cleaning of the keg and bottles?
  5. Home town: Bradenton, Fl. Miss located to Kansas City, Ks. because of wife's federal job.
  6. I had my wisdom teeth ground out and the whole upper row of teeth pulled, drank a lot of beer that night and even smoked right after it was done. Beer will help so you won't get any infections.
  7. I received a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas, and was not impressed with the first batch of finished beer. I then decided to ordered West Coast Pale Ale/UME Pale export and try it with the booster. My question, is this combination going to give me a good beer.
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