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  1. Tried to keep it simple for the new guy. Mashani is right the recipe above is a little less hoppy and complex than Honkers. If you decide not to steep the grains the beer will taste the same(you just lose some body) so you can cut out a step(30 min@ 150 deg.). The only difference then from a Mr. B kit is that you have to add hops at the beginning of the boil and again @ 15 minutes to go. Total 1 hr boil. Don't be afraid to try. It's not rocket science. Keep brewin' brother
  2. here is the basic recipe I use. I modify it for my personal taste but here is where I started. Amounts are for 5 gals. 1/2 it for Mr. B batch. This is extracts and grains you can get from any HB store. Steeping grain- 6oz Carapils (for mouth feel and head retention) Extract- 2.5 qts. Pale (Would add some adjunct to lower malt profile and boost ABV but thats my pref) Hops- bittering- 1oz Kent Goldings Aroma- .5 oz Kent Goldings .25 oz Fuggles 1 Irish Moss tablet Any good Ale yeast will do- Safbrew S-33 is the 1 my LHBS has Basic brewing instructions apply for steeping and boiling. You will love it if you like the EBB/ESB style.
  3. Checked a little while ago and Primary ferment is DONE on the Irish Red! WOW! 3 days. and I'm not talking slow down . I mean dead stop. Will check gravity when I get a chance to rack.I also used the Muntons dry yeast from midwest. unexpected success.Smells great. That O2 seems to be some good stuff
  4. Geno- I read up on it and did the same. bubbled for like a minute. WHOLE lot easier than shaking a 5 gal bucket. Will probably continue to use it. Fedora- I read one of your posts awhile back where you mentioned it and my client said it was a cool place when we were talking abt beer one day. I buy my supplies from the place in Freehold. They have good ingredients but not too much advanced equipment. Corrado's had some really cool vessels and gadgets.They cater mostly to the wine makers though. Those 54 liter demijohns for $40 are great and I was loving the big stainless vessels. WAY pricey though. If I went that route I would probably buy the stainless and have a local guy fabricate custom for me. Off to work
  5. + 1 on the Carapils. My house beer is an English Best Bitter W/ carapils steeped and it has great head retention and really nice lacing. adds a little mouth feel too but no change at all in taste profile of the beer itself.awesome addition.
  6. Have not posted in a while. Been really busy working.Have made some beer mostly the EBB I like. right now I have an Irish Red Ale and a Mexican Lager(my first by the way) in primary. EBB in the keg and secondary. A German lager and another EBB in the on deck circle. All 5 gal I just used oxygen for the first time and was wondering if anyone has tried already. If so let me know how it worked out for you (Lag time,flavors,etc).Was it worth while? Got the full tank and reg for free. which is why I tried this time. Both the lager and the ale took right off.The ale about 7hrs after pitch and the lager about 10hrs. The ale was pitched @ about 70 and the lager @ 58. Did them both on Sat. Fedora Dave if you read this, I got a chance to check out Corrado's today. Really nice store. Doing a job up that way and met a guy near there to buy some lefty golf clubs for my daughter.
  7. Been out of the loop for a while but I had to update on this one. I've had this beer sitting in the Coors Light mini-kegs since my original post. was moving some things around and saw them today on the shelf. I actually had forgotten about them. Decided for ha ha's to give a taste and see what it was like after sitting a while. What a difference time makes! this beer tastes awesome now. No fruity flavor at all.A little fruit on the nose (pear I would say) but the taste is dynamite. Nice clean Belgian ale. So my one and only all grain can now be called a success. Too much work lately for much beer play. Finally got to brew a couple 5 gal batches a couple weeks ago that are ready for the secondary (Best Bitter and a Canadian Draft). Now the best news of all. I was swapping out my CO2 tank at my buddy's restaurant ( He gets super cheap refills)and what did I find in the corner of the store room...............A NICE SHINY CORNEY KEG! It was from his old soda system he had taken out a couple years ago. Needless to say that baby came home with me and is now part of my stock. Nice day in beerville!
  8. cooler temps definitely help. We had a heat wave here when I brewed my last batch. I put my primary fermenters in my kegerator and plugged it in every time the temp got up to 65 and brought the temp down under 60(have to invest in a temp control). Forgot to unplug a couple times and box temp got into the 40's but the beer temp was obviously higher since my fermentation was boiling like crazy. Bottom line is that it is probably the best batch i've tasted so far. Has a slight alcohol bite since I overshot my ABV by about 2%. Everyone who tries it thinks it's great and I agree but I think the ABV takes away from the taste of the beer. That is just my opinion. Others may disagree. Will cut down on the DME on the next batch for taste comparison and will put together a lagering fridge for future batches.
  9. The guys are right. You are going to love making beer. And, your observation about the tone and the folks here is spot on. Everyone here I have found to be most helpful and VERY knowledgeable. Especially when it comes to the Mr. Beer kits and kegs. There are some tips and methods that are specific to the Mr. Beer products and the folks here have it down. Read a lot and ask questions when you are unsure or confused. Someone will always help you. Be patient and follow the instructions you find here. The instructions with the kit are a little short on the time frames for brewing and conditioning. Welcome and have fun.
  10. I did this with a Belgian pilsner I made a while back. Put it in a Coors light home draft keg just like a 1.5 gal bottle (actually that's exactly what they are) and primed for the amount. I wasn't too fond of the beer but the carbonation was perfect and soft as described above.
  11. kegged and Force carbed 5 gal last night and sampling today. You guys were right , except for a slight alcohol bite in the finish this turned out to be really good. will probably cut back on the DME next time. Wound up at about 6.3 ABV and was looking for about 5.5 . (fg was abt 1.013) Half the DME will probably get me there and will solve the bite on the finish I think. Drink a few of these and you will know it. I am enjoying a couple this evening. A little big for the dinner beer. Thinking about brewing a batch with no additions and blending half and half with the 5 gals I have in the secondary now to tone it down a bit. What do you guys think? Anybody done this before? Don't see any reason why it won't be exactly what I'm after.
  12. Vmax I re-read this thread and realized I was thinking 3 weeks in the fermenter is plenty before secondary. I left out the secondary part, which for me is 2 weeks. That is a total of 4 weeks fermenting. I forget most folks on here just leave the beer in the LBK the whole time since the trub layer is so small. Instead of saying 3 weeks is PLENTY I should have recommended MORE time. Sorry for steering you wrong. Must have been sampling too much home brew. Just wanted to clear that up.
  13. + 1 on screwy I added some DME to my last 2 batches and they totally boiled right out of the carboys. That must have been SOME yeast party! I had to put blow off tubes on them for 2 days until they calmed down. I even lowered the temp to around 60F from day 1 and they still took off. Other brews you can barely tell they are fermenting except for the trub.
  14. Welcome to the obsession. Be patient and read a lot.Ask all the questions you want(search 1st since the question has probably been asked before). The folks on here are great. You will be drinking good beer soon and awesome beer eventually. Hang in there!
  15. checked your other posts and see you have done a few batches already. The tastes you were getting is because of the basic kits and the Mr. b yeast. You are not doing anything wrong as far as I can see. Keep the temps under 70 if you can, the lower the better(within reason). Use the better kits and be patient. you will have all the beer you can drink soon. Hang in there!
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