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  1. Follow up. Today was target date for tasting. Just had one and it is pretty darn good! :gulp: There isn't much head so I think either: - Not enough priming sugar. Used 3 oz so thought it should have been good; - Not long enough carb time or too cool. Was 2 weeks but temp was only around 65; - Fruit in the secondary may have done in the remaining yeast; Will brew this again. Next time will probably over pitch or pitch a small amount in the secondary.
  2. Personally I liked all 3 but if i had to pick one, i'd go with the red ale.
  3. +1 on all above. It is personal preference but is really only needed if using fruit or lagering. Cold crashing will clear it up.
  4. k9dude wrote: To answer you question yes you still need sugar. I think maybe your confusing fruit puree with fruit extracts. Extracts are better, IMHO, when used at bottling. Fruit puree on the other hand is usually added to the fermenter after a week of fermentation. The thing about adding fruit to a bottle is that the sugar content of said fruit would be hard to judge. Adding it during fermentation ensures the sugar gets turned into alcohol, leaving fruit flavor behind. +1 If adding at bottling, extract is the way to go. I just did a Raspberry Pilsner and i used puree in the secondary. I just bottled so it will be awhile until i test but the sample was promising.
  5. 63 is good. Keg temp will be about 5 degree higher while the yeasties do their work.
  6. T8r Salad wrote: mashani wrote: In my experience, the "foam up/boil over" with DME happens before it's actually boiling. Once I get it to a full boil, it's safe. I get this too. My question is should we have the lid on the pot at anytime or keep the lid off throughout? I only cover when steeping. I never cover after adding the dme since i watch it like a hawk for hot break. Sometimes it takes a bit to get to boil on the stove but once it gets there it's all good.
  7. A few days behind but here is what was decided: On day 9, krausen had fallen significantly. I decided to transfer on day 10 but things happened so i ended up transferring on day 11. Grabbed a reading at that time and the 2035 did some major work on the batch. It was at 1.014 which was the estimated FG. So i moved the batch to the secondary on top or the pureed fresh berries. I havent seen much action in the secondary, just a thin layer of krausen. Currently the keg temp is raised up for diacetyl rest. Keg temp will be dropped to about 36 for cold crash tommorrow. The plan now is to crash for a few days, bottle, carb then store cool for a while.
  8. Manowarfan1 wrote: This looks interesting. Couple questions for you. On the raspberries, are you going to puree them or throw them in whole? Are you actually moving to a secondary fermenter or just throwing them in after 10 days into the LBK? When you steeped the Cara - how much water did you use? You boiled the DME for the full 60? I have LME of the same flavor and was looking to use it but I think I wouldnt boil most of it - maybe a little bit to help with the hop boils. Never made a fruit beer either but raspberries are one of the few fruits I actually kinda like. My pipeline is ok but my production line at the moment is 2 full lbk's and 4 empties, this must be addressed. I am looking at possibly doing a couple heavy ones going forward so having one that would be relatively quick in the fermenter and bottles would be a good thing. Hope it turns out great Cheers jeff I think i am going to cut them up a bit, throw them in the secondary up then transfer on top of them. For the steep, i used a gallon of spring water. Once the steep was done, i brought the level up to about 2.5 gal and added all the DME and brought to boil and started the 60 minute boil. I'll post up the final desicion. I still think i may wait until day 10 to transfer onto the Raspberries. Here are a couple links i found for fruit additon methods: http://www.byo.com/stories/article/indices/38-ingredients/683-fruit-brew-part-2-techniques http://brewwiki.com/index.php/Fruit
  9. russki wrote: Keep them at room temperature (70-72F) for a few more weeks. Some recipes take longer to carb. Do not add more carb drops - this may cause bottle-bombs. Patience, grasshopper, patience! +1 Some take longer. Also make sure the temp it upper 60's to low 70's for carb. I don't test any before 6 weeks in bottle, and that is still usually too early.
  10. Howdy all! Long time , no brew But finally got my first one of 2012 in the keg :woohoo: (actually in keg last Friday) I decided to do a Raspberry Pilsner. Recipe is basic: Batch size 2.5 gallons Boil time 60 minutes Original gravity 1.054 Final gravity 1.014 Alcohol (by volume) 5.3% Bitterness (IBU) 18 Color (SRM) 3.8°L Yeast Wyeast 2035 American Lager Grains/Extracts/Sugars 3# Pilsen DME .5# CaraPils (steeped 30min @155) Hops .5oz Saaz (60 min) .5oz Saaz (10 min) Additions 1.5lb fresh, frozen Raspberries (added to secondary) Irish moss .5 tsp (15min left) Ferment (48-58°F) Primary, 7 days Secondary, 14 days (w/ Raspberries) Recipe says 7 day primary ferment but i think i will go 10. Krausen has fallen but i want to leave some time for a little cleanup. Hopefully this turns out pretty good. It is my first fruit beer, first all DME batch and the pipeline is gettin low :ohmy:
  11. GWCR wrote: No dumping!!! What was your OG reading? 1.011 sounds about right for the FG for CGL. How long did you ferment? If its been 2 weeks, I would go ahead and bottle that sucker at 1.011. Cheers! +1 Never dump...FG sounds about right. Bottle and test it 6 weeks.
  12. Unexpected brew night! :woohoo: This ones in the keg. OG at 1.055.
  13. I typically soak my bottles in Oxyclean for an hour or so, rinse well with hot water then sanitize and bottle. Mainly because i am usually limited on time so i have to do it all at one time. No issues so far with this method.
  14. k9dude wrote: Trollby wrote: I was thinking of doing two sweet stouts one I add the Lactose at boil and second Lactose at Bottling just to see if there is a great difference. I actually did both to my last sweet stout. I added .25# to the boil and when it was done fermenting I tasted and thought it was too bitter so at bottling I added .25# to my priming sugar boil. IMO it was just perfect. I know some like that bitter stout taste (like Guiness), but for me I enjoy a sweeter, creamier stout like Sam Smith's Oatmeal stout, or Sam Adams Cream Stout, and this one was just like those! Intresting. I never thought to add to the priming solution. I was inder the impression that adding to the boil took care of any baddies that could be in there. No? Would adding to the hot priming solution take care of that?
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