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  1. Like dferron, I too just finished off the eye eopener sumatra stout & I couldn't agree more with his assesment. If you are looking for strong hints of coffee flavor, then I would use the expresso method and use either Sumatra, Italian Roast or French Roast beans. If you don't have an expresso nachine just go get some at Starbucks and by the time you get home it'll be at a useable temperature.
  2. Like most I started with one and less than a month into this I got two more. I couple months ago I bought a 4th, but I ended up sending it, some bottles and a Sticky Wicket refill to my brother as a suprise gift. Since he's a Guiness fan I just couldn't send him the standard starter kit with WCPA. P.S. He's hooked now too!
  3. Welcome. I would agree with what everyone has said - it can be whatever youwant it to be. I rec'd my kit this past Christmas and yesterday mixed up batch #24. A few months ago I was thinking that maybe I would start looking into 5 gallon batches, but the more I thought about I realized that I really don't have the time available to do so, and I'm fine with that. Mr Beer has plenty of recipes and I truly enjoy coming up with my own concoctions using their ingredients and some from my LHBS. Good Luck and again welcome to the obsession!
  4. Mixed mine yesterday, only addition was 1 cup of brown sugar - OG 1.064 I'm so looking forward to this, especially if it's anything like the last two
  5. Did you see it dripping? Or did you just see a small (dime size) puddle? The reason for my asking is that on an occasion I have a small puddle after the first day or so, but then the trub seals those microscopic leaks. Also, when I tighten the spigot I do so with the spigot pointing up. I turn the nut as tight as possible by hand, then I hold the nut and turn the spigot down. This allows for another half turn. On your dubbel, I would let it sit for a few weeks and take sample. Nothing to loose at this point.
  6. I agree with FedoraDave, in that I don't take a second reading until I've hit 3 weeks. And the add'l time is going to help clean things up.
  7. I got my two yesterday and will brew one this weekend cause I don't have a vacant keg til then Last week I had my first Belgian and absolutely loved it! I am really excited about this seasonal :woohoo:
  8. I totally agree & I was in no way offended.
  9. Oly & BrewHA, I'm sure you are both probaly right on and I will heed this advice on my next fruit go around. Sorry, still a bit of a nub, but wanted to relay my experience.
  10. A few months ago I added some fresh strawberries to my whispering wheat/golden wheat. I diced 1 cup, placed them in a sanitized blender, pureed them, then placed in a sanitized pot and boiled them for one minute, then added them to the balance of the wort. To date this is the wifes favorite. In fact just made a second batch last week. I have not used frozen fruit, but I would not hesitate to do so. I would reccommend the prep steps I described for the frozen fruit as well. Good luck & keep us posted with your results!
  11. This recipe was posted a few weeks ago by docpd. You might wanna give this one a try - One of my favorite recipe's uses 2 HME's: Paul's Irish Red 2 cans Bewitched Red Ale 1 lb amber DME (ditch the booster and use this instead) 1 cup (221 gm) dark brown sugar Steep .25 lb Carapils 30 min Steep .25 lb Caramel 20L 30 min .25 oz Citra 30 minutes .25 oz Cascade 15 min .25 oz Williamette 5 min Color 16, IBU 33, ABV 7.7%
  12. This was my first seasonal and I am to am soooo disappointed that I only ordered one of these. But I am elated that I was able to sample prior it to ordering the summer seasonal. So I ordered two Imp. Hefe!
  13. I bottled mine a little over two weeks ago. Minw too came out a touch darker than anticipated, but I thought the IBU was perfect. Will sample around Fathers Day. :cheer:
  14. Well we did our little chemistry experiment a couple of nights ago and things went well. We emptied two liters of Firecracker Red Ale into a sanitized pot, brought the temp up to 180deg and held there for 30 minutes. For about the first 10mins, the fumes were quite intoxicating and the last 10 mins left an aroma of malted barley. We then gave it an ice bath. Once the temp dropped to 75 deg, we re-pitched yeast, batch primed and bottled. I was amazed that we lost about 50% to evaporation. We will be sampling on 5/17/11 and will post results.
  15. Brett I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has experienced both types of Shock Top bottles. My mom really like it, so I bought her a 12 pack for Mothers Day; but was disappointed to find out that there would be no harvest.
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