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  1. No, I just used 64 fl oz Maple Syrup, .5 gal water, and some Lalvin 71b-1122 yeast. It wasn't very good at bottle time (I always like to sample a bit to see how it ages). After a few months it was delicious. Haven't had any in a few so I don't know where it stands right now. But I'm pretty sure it's just getting better.
  2. "mashani" post=332782 said: "BrewThrough" post=332730 said:I just went ahead and bottled it, it was very clear. It tasted a bit fusel maybe. I'm going to let it sit till next Christmas. When I made maple wine (think mead made with maple syrup) at a young age it tasted like maple flavored cognac mixed with lighter fluid. But at around 8 months it turned into lovely luscious stuff, and improved in the bottle for 5+ years. The biggest problem with it was it was $pendy. I made some maple mead, and it's darn good stuff. But you're right, it's a bit spendy to make.
  3. Those are SO cool! I wish I could afford to upgrade my brewing equipment. :sick:
  4. "Chuck N" post=327041 said:Just to let you know...What Dave (AKA "The Hat") says should be taken as gospel. Yup, we all get told this bit o' information, but how many of us listen? I know I didn't. "Hot" is just a word till you burn yourself.
  5. "BrewThrough" post=322560 said:Thanks, good to know. I'm giving the Aztec the proper care, so I will have a legit Mr. Beer in time. I also have the extra LBK to stick with beer. I'm wondering about Jersey's transfering every 3 weeks and how many times I should do that. I'm prepared to let it sit months if that's a good thing. Well I've never transferred mine mine every 3 weeks, because the advice I got was to let it sit and not touch it. So I've always let it ferment till the activity really slowed down. But it was easy for me to tell when because I use 1 gallon glass cider jugs with airlocks to do my mead so I have bubbles. Usually a couple of months, and then I would transfer and let it sit a few more months. Then I would bottle it and I usually made a couple of bigger bottles to let sit for a few more months, and some smaller ones for sampling along the way. I was always worried about letting it sit on the yeast so long because I know when we do beer they say to never let it sit like that. But it never seemed to leave a bad taste so I kept doing that way. You'll have to make up your own mind on which way to go. But I may try the 3 week thing next time just to see if it makes a better mead.
  6. "russki" post=322539 said:2# of agave + 1 can of HME? Hmm... I don't see this ending well... Your adjunct rate is something like 60%. Not sure how Agave ferments, never tried it, but if he had used honey it would be not much different than the bragot I made. I did AG but 2 lbs of grain and 2 lbs of honey. I'm not fond of the taste, but it's not bad, if you know what I mean. So I think he's got a chance of coming out with something he likes.
  7. "Chuck N" post=315739 said:I once tried to smoke a goose with some spruce for Christmas once. I called it "Spruce Goose". But, alas, one thing after another came up and I just couldn't get it off the ground. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Hey, Wolfy! Haven't heard from ya' for quite a while. I imagine you've been busy up-dating that map of yours with all the new crop of members. Oh, that was SOOOOOOOO BAD, my wife loved it! Actually I haven't been on much so I haven't seen any noobs, although I noticed that some people have added themselves to the map. Been busy with job hunting, transitioning to my new job, and the holidays. Now that things are calming down I might be around more.
  8. 2 Gallons that you don't like seems to take a long time, I wouldn't want to try 5.
  9. Have any of you ever had a chance to try some spruce ale? http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2013/01/04/168561089/dont-waste-that-christmas-tree-turn-it-into-spruce-beer It sounds interesting.
  10. That does sound pretty good, and congrats on your first fiver!
  11. I've never had a ginger beer, but I think I'd like to try one. So I may have to dig up some kind of recipe too. I was looking around on Hopville and here's an extract only brew that might be promising. http://hopville.com/recipe/809041 And an extract w/ specialty grains recipe http://hopville.com/recipe/561636 Maybe you can use these to get a base line.
  12. "mashani" post=297256 said:Your recipe is confusing me, what HME are you using exactly? No additional hops? +1 You have "Mr. Beer American Blond Ale" listed in the Malts section but "MrBeerWCPA HME" listed in the Hops section.
  13. Glad to hear you had a good time. I've done the New Belgium tour and it was fun. I toured the Redstone Meadery in Boulder last week. It's very small, but it was interesting and tasty. I've also had brews at Wynkoop, Dry Dock, and the Cheeky Monk, all good. Haven't had a chance to do any others tours yet, but since I live in CO, I'm sure I'll get around too it eventually.
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