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  1. Harvesting Guide <--- Original site for quoted below
  2. So I decided to bump up the MB Northwest Pale Ale a little. I had some Breiss LME but easily use Mr. Beer LME or DME instead ------------- Brewer: Trollby Style: American IPA Batch: 2.40 galExtract ------------- Characteristics --------------- Recipe Gravity: 1.059 OG Recipe Bitterness: 72 IBU Recipe Color: 5° SRM Estimated FG: 1.015 Alcohol by Volume: 5.7% Alcohol by Weight: 4.5%Ingredients ----------- Briess LME - Golden Light 0.50 lb, Extract, Extract Mr. Beer Northwest Pale Ale - HME2.86 lb, Extract, Extract Centennial - High alpha with floral and citrus, dual use hop for American ales0.50 oz, Pellet, 10 minutes Citra - Musky tropical fruit and strong citrus make this a great flavor/aroma hop very fruity0.50 oz, Pellet, 20 minutes Mr. Beer Northwest Pale Ale 1.00 oz, Pellet, 5 minutes Safale S-05 Dry Ale Yeast 1.00 unit, Yeast, American: Temperature Range: 59°-75° F 11.5 GRAMS OG = 1.057 @ 70*F
  3. 07/28/2013 First Pour Taste is very good but wish I would of made higher carb
  4. Brown Malt Gives a malty flavor with a distinct nuttiness. Great for nut brown ales and stouts. 35-45L. *************************************************************************** Nut Brown Ale - BIAB -------------------- Brewer: Style: American Brown Ale Batch: 2.40 galAll Grain Characteristics --------------- Recipe Gravity: 1.058 OG Recipe Bitterness: 38 IBU Recipe Color: 22° SRM Estimated FG: 1.015 Alcohol by Volume: 5.6% Alcohol by Weight: 4.4% Ingredients ----------- Brown Malt (British) - [Dark Roasted, Bitter] Stouts and Porters1.50 lb, Grain, Mashed Maris Otter Malt - [Nutty] 4.00 lb, Grain, Mashed First Gold (U.K.) - Aroma hop resiny, candy-like, sweet, slightly floral and spicy0.25 oz, Pellet, 20 minutes First Gold (U.K.) - Aroma hop resiny, candy-like, sweet, slightly floral and spicy0.50 oz, Pellet, 60 minutes Fuggles (U.K.) - Aroma hop mild vegital woody and earthy aroma0.50 oz, Pellet, 10 minutes Danstar Windsor Dry Ale Yeast 1.00 unit, Yeast, Temperature Range 64°-70° F: Rehydrate in sterilized water 15 minutes at 90° F then stir soak 5 minutes adjust to wort temperature and pitch ****************************************************************************
  5. I like the flavor of british brown malt and maris otter malt for a AG BIAB
  6. Got busy and did not get a chance to bottle this, got an infection and taste like vinegar. Looks like pelical (white mold look on top) but taste like Aceto bacteria (vinegar producing) but maybe since sour I am mistaking the type. Since I did not like the taste dumped it First batch I had to dump
  7. What was the recipe? Did you add additional sugar (etc)? Ciders can take a while to condition depending on the recipe
  8. Since Fathers day just passed, look at local departments stores. I know, Shopko, SEARS, Boston Store and marshall fields/macy's along with bed bath and beyond all sell Mr. Beer refills for holiday's for dad's gifts --- edit --- Shopko near me has Mr. Beer kits $29.99 on clearance, refills are $24.99 for two pack
  9. As Rick stated the wait is more based on ABV levels than anything else. On an Imperial Wheat (6% +) I would wait 4-6 weeks
  10. 06/22/2013 Bottled 26 - 12oz with 62g booster for about 2.35 C02 Taste was really good, slight banana and clove taste. Quite nummy FG = 1.010 @ 70*F ABV = 7.2%
  11. Good luck! I really like AG beers, but extract beers are sooo much easier (Not kits). I do all three (Kit, extract homemade and AG) and find that since my LHBS discounts LME Extract just makes it so easy. Just remember to Relax and have fun, it seems like a long day, but makes really good beer
  12. let it settle and leave behind, I normally only have a nice sample to taste from this
  13. All the major departments stores like to have Mr. Beer during holidays for Dad, since fathers day was last Sunday expect them to put the remaining on clearance in the next week or so
  14. I find normally Barley Wine is not oak chipped (That is more Scotch-Ale) but it is your beer. Is your secondary a "sealed" fermentor? (not like Mr. Beer LBK) My Barley wine is still aging from April 2012, when I tried it in Dec 2012 (8 months) was not close to ready. I need to put one in the fridge and see if ready yet
  15. Yes, doesn't always happen but when you use lager yeast not uncommon to get a funky sulfur smell that will last for 3-5 days when active fermentation is happening
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