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  1. I still believe that the dimensions from the top of the bottle to the bottom of the lower raised ring of the bottle top affects the winged capper. Look at a Sam Adams compared to a Corona. It looks as when your forcing the capper off a corona the magnet is forced down on the cap.As it pushes down it spreads the cap out.Not as good of a seal??... Not sure.Throwing it out to see what yaall think.I still like to bottle a couple of clears to look.
  2. 20 Days in fermilab...fizzie not as notable.Still kinda sweet but flat.Eyes thinks it's time to bottle. Added 1C DBS at mix 1.066 Now 1.016 @70.Easy on the sugar for prime and pray for no bombs!! At least 30 days in the hole of the basement!
  3. Brewed "magic" earlier this year and will definitly brew it again with a "tweek" tho not sure yet what...still thinking and tasteing!
  4. Thanks Dave! I did'nt quite know where to get extract,I guess I'll have to track that down.. I understand what your saying now.I've only been in 8 months and have to learn to listen to the hat!!
  5. I mashed and added the berries after filling the keg 2.5+.No I did'nt. Just washed real good and hope there's no uninvited guest!!
  6. I'll throw this one out.. 1 C A blonde ale 1 pale export 1/4 c booster 1/4 c honey 1# strawberrys added to final keg fill yeast SG 1.044 8 days in.. comments?
  7. So do Petes and 3 Floyds Gumball
  8. It's not the capper,It's the bottles.The distance between the lip and the bottom of the lower ring are different on some.Corona,Hienys are closer together and don't work well with the hand capper.Sam Adams,Pete's and like bottles are apx 11/16" apart and work well.If you dimple the cap when removing the capper,you're breaking the seal by pressing the center with the magnet as the crimp cyl. retracts.We all save any pop off bottles we can get from friends.Try capping an empty before trying to cap the whole lot and ? yourself later if they sealed.
  9. Primed by the book in 12oz bot and 1qt pet w/suger.
  10. Have tried Hienys and coronas,won't work with capper...SAs ok. The necks are different, more distance between the top lip and lower raised ring below.
  11. Thanks for the tip!I'll make good use of my flat Maibock this week for dinner!
  12. 21 days ferm basement 50-59 good head.2days upstairs 60-67.10 days fridge.P+B 14 days in bsmnt.2 day fridge+taste.Crack it...Phiss...IT"S FLAT!!!!!THEIR ALL FLAT!!!!OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD...!! I'm new,what did I do?
  13. Had friends save me bottles;Hienys,coronas,sam adems.Went to bottle Maibocks,SA's capped ok with a good hand capper,H&C's have a different neck and had trouble getting the capper off.It has a magnet in the center that was indenting the center of the cap as I was opening the capper and not sure if it opened the cap.The only thing I can see is the bottles have different spacing between the lip and the collar that the capper holds against.Any ideas???
  14. newbee.Has anyone used "illegal" hops in their brew?
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