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  1. thanks for the replies guys. I looked over the charts and I want it to be more on the malty side so im looking at my q brew now and the recipe gravity will be about 1.066 so I figure to balance everything out mabe I should move up to about a 40 minute boil. any thoughts on this?
  2. Ok so im trying the cold morning maple wheat recipe tonight with some Dark DME. I was just wondering if I can add the hops to the DME for a 20 minute boil. Heres the recipe 1 can WWW 1 Pound Dark DME 1 1/2 Cups Grade B Maple Syrup 1/2 oz Tettnanger Hops WLP400 Belgian Wit Ale Yeast
  3. Im from Pennsylvania, right outside Philly.
  4. ok, thanks for the responses. im gonna give it a try on my next batch. Its gonna be standard mr beer recipe but I want to get in the habit of doing ice baths for when i move up to 5 gallon batches. I already have the bigger pots to do it in, just gotta wait till a keg opens up.
  5. I've noticed that people who do 5 gallon bathces like to get a big pots and add all their water directly into the wort then give it an ice bath or use their chillers to cool it down. Would it be benificial if I were to just do my next batch all in one big pot then give it an ice bath and cool it down to like 70 degrees then pour it into my empty mr beer keg.
  6. I went to a local bar and asked them if they could save some pop top bottles for me. They were more than happy to. I took up a couple buckets for them to keep them in. Hopefully they fill up quick.
  7. mabe some honey or brown sugar?
  8. Mabe keep an eye on craigslist. There was a guy on there in my area who was selling all of his home brew equipment. He was selling a bench bottle caper for 5 dollars and glass carboys for 10 a piece. Everything was priced to move cause he was in the middle of a job change and had o move. Unfortunately EVERYTHING went very fast. But it might be worth a check here and there. good luck.
  9. berryman wrote: I've been doing back to back brews with 2 kegs all winter. As soon as I'm done bottling I rinse all the trub out with water & a clean rag, then I put in a scoop of oxyclean & almost fill with warm water & shake it all around, let it set all night,rinse with cold water next day until no more bubbles, dissasemble the tap & soak in oxyclean. put tap back in & rinse again a couple times with cold water, then use sanitizer I let that sit for about 20 min. Haven't had a problem. Thats what I did minus the sanitizer. I didnt want to use a packet to let it sit then sanitize again. I just wanst sure whether i shoudve fully submerged it or not. I got alittle nervous and was about to drive to lowes to buy a 5 gallon bucket to submerge lol.
  10. Do you guys fully submerge it in the oxyclean solution or do you leave it on its side filled about half way and let it soak like that?
  11. did you notice any bubbles at all during the time it was in the keg?
  12. I was looking at an old fridge on craigslist the other day after learning about the temperature controllers. But I really didn't want to get into all of that until I made the switch to all grain brews and that will not be till the end of summer so it might not even be necessary to get the fridge. But then again it would still be beneficial to have. Guess ill have to make the switch sooner and get myself a cheap fridge :silly:
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