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  1. Thanks for all the input! Looks like I don't need to rush anything and don't need to stress while out of town. As a side note I recently purchased the Kegaroo... Any good videos showing proper kegging procedures? I think the reason I fell off before was that I would do three batches at a time and bottling day was just that... a whole day! So I'm looking forward to kegging.
  2. So I'm kinda new again... It's been a couple of years since I brewed a Mr Beer batch. I just brewed and pitched a recipe that calls for 14 days of fermentation, but as luck would have it I just had to scheduled a business trip at day 14. Can the beer sit in the keg for an additional week or would that mess everything up. I think I remember doing a batch that called for 14 days, but folks said go 21. Appreciate the feed back! Greg
  3. Just a quick tip... My 1st couple of batches using 12oz glass bottles ended with a few bottle bombs. I think I had two problems 1) Did not ferment long enough 2) All glass bottles are not built the same. So my quick tip is to make note of some numbers on the bottle. I've noticed on the bottles I get that each brewer has a unique code. Here are a few examples. If you do end up with any breakage you'll be able to see if its all with one bottle source. • Tommyknocker - WC-2 • Victory - AN-12 • Sweetwater - G-1 • Dogfish Head - TV-1 • Stone - P-18 Just bottled 3 kegs yesterday!
  4. My local beer and wine store orders special for me, but yes they go from CO to Tampa and then back up to the panhandle. Plus not as fresh as what I'd get even when Tommyknocker does the doorway firesales for $20 a case (or at least they use to). I lived in Breck and Silverthorne for 12 years and the butthead has been one of my favorite beers for years. I wish I was 20 mins away the micro brew beer scene in FL is the pitts!
  5. Kegs were keep totally still for the 3 or 2 weeks with a temp gauge right next to the kegs to check for consistent temps. I did move them to the kitchen for bottling and did bottle as much as possible... even some fairly cloudy stuff at the end. I wish I had marked the bottles as I filled I would know if the last ones were the bombs, huh?
  6. I just brewed a AHS clone and was very impressed with the shipping, instructions, extract and grains. If it tastes half as good as the wort smelled I'm in for some good beer. BTW split it between two MrBeer kegs and pitched a vial of liquid yeast into each... they've been foaming like crazy since sunday morning.
  7. Niceville, Florida.... I know, I know just on the other side of the tracks from rottenville... actually just above Destin on the gulf coast pan handle - central time baby!
  8. Good Evening Everyone - I really appreciate all the quick feedback. Just to toss back a few answers to some of the questions that came out. I fermented all to the instructions and although I did not have a hydro I tasted and did not taste overly sweet on any. For the Big Ed's Red I went 23 days, instructions call for 3 weeks. All others went 14 days on the dot. Does it hurt go longer as a standard... I'm all about patience if it means I get to drink the stuff. On the sugar measure I made it flat to the bottom of the notch not any higher. My 1st bottled batch, the cowboy ale that came with the kit, was bottled in the same bottles without problem, but I suppose these brews are bigger and therefore more room for this type of stuff. Honestly the bottles don't feel that thick maybe just cause they came from my fav micro brewery does not mean they are good. Pic attached. Have not opened one yet to test the carb... the Winter seasonal will have gone 4 weeks on 3/5 and that was when I was going to test it. So far putting everything in the frig seems to have calmed down my bombs, but the bad news about that is that may be a sign I bottled too soon and they are gonna suck... Also I'm in the NW Panhandle of Florida and although my storage temps are very consistent between 67 and 72 the humidity can swing from 40% to 80%... Could that be a factor? Thanks again for the input... I think when I bottle the next three I'm gonna use some mrbeer plastic, half gallon growlers and maybe one six pack of 12oz.
  9. Help - OK I posted yesterday about how I brewed a batch of Big Ed's Red and bottled the whole thing in 12oz brown bottles scrubbed up from a case of beer from Tommyknocker Brewery in CO. The bottles were stored back in the six pack holders and the case box and put in a dark closet with a consistent temp of around 67 - 70 degrees. Anyway after two weeks on checking I noticed one bottle had burst. Did not think much of it until I checked again after two more weeks and had three more broken. I was thinking that maybe this was a strong batch or I somehow messed it up and put all the remaining brews in a frig to cold lager the rest of the way. No more have burst there, but I had three other boxes in the same closet ( the winter seasonal, defib dobblebock 7.0 and junk yard dog ipa. This morning two of the ipa's burst and one of the winter seasonal's. In a panic I've cleaned as much frig space as I could find (sorry veggies) and now have all in the frig (the wife is psyced). My questions is that one reply to my post yesterday said I may have over sugared the bottles, but I used the measure from MrBeer with the 3/4 tsp for 12 oz bottles and he indicated that he only uses 1/2 tsb... Is that common? Also I used just regular sugar not 'priming sugar' could that be my mistake. I've got three more keg brewing right now and want to be sure I avoid this problem again. Appreciate any input.
  10. OK - I've put the 'lucky ones' in the frig and we'll hope for the best. When I look at sample bottles the brew appears to be very clear with a good amount of sediment on the bottom... So I might try one in a few days and see what's up. Realize I erred in my original post by saying I bottled after 16 days. It was actually after 23 days... a little more than 3 weeks. Appreciate the quick feedback. I've got 3 other cases conditioning and just brewed 3 more kegs yesterday. Including a 5 gal recipe split between two kegs that included soaking grains and boiling for nearly 2 hours... Having a blast brewing! Just need to prevent anymore 'blow ups' so I can have a blast drinking!
  11. I let this one ferment for three weeks per the MB instructions. I've only recently invested in the hydrometer so it was not involved in this batch. I used 3/4 tsp with the MrBeer scoop to prime. I think the bottles are good... Scrubbed up from a case of beer from Tommyknocker brewery in Colorado... and the blow ups were not all next to each other but in different spots with the bottles next to them ok. When just one blew I thought it was the bottle b/c it was 'split' right down the seam of the glass very clean. This recipe was supposed to lager for six months... until 7/23. Will I get the same benefits in the frig if I let them sit that long? Any hope that since they've been in the bottle for a whole month that even if I'm dealing with overcarb, underfermented or both that its now past the problem? Really appreciate the input!
  12. Yesterday I brewed a clone from Austin Home Brew... Its a 5 gal recipe and as an option when ordering it recommended doubling the liquid yeast. It was a White Labs California Ale yeast. I thought this was great b/c as I was going to split the wort between 2 MrBeer kegs I would not need to try to split the yeast. I took the yeast out of the frig about 3.5 hours before pitching. Shook the heck out of it in the vial and pitched it with the keg temp @ 78 degrees. Woke this morning and took a look at the two kegs and everything is nice and foamy! I'd drop the whole vial.
  13. I think they sell what looks like an air lock similar to what is in your pic on the accessories page of the mrbeer site. So I'd say this is a discontinued version of the mrbeer kit, but I'm new to this so can't say for sure.
  14. Hello - I brewed the Big Ed's Red MrBeer recipe on 12/30/10 and bottled 16 days later all in 12 oz brown glass bottles. I have them in six pack holders and packed back in a case box and stored in a dark closet of the house where the temp is very constant and right around 67 degrees. This brew is supposed to lager for 6 months, but after three weeks I opened the box to find one of the bottle had exploded. Not thinking much of it I cleaned everything up put the good ones in a new box and tucked back away. Well its been two weeks since than and I check on 'em again this morning to find three more exploded bottles. I used the MrBeer sugar measure scoop when I bottled so I don't think I messed that up. Also I've got three other cases lagering in the same spot without this problem, so far (two weeks). They are the Winter Seasonal, Junk Yard Dog IPA and Defibrillator Doppelbock. Is there anything I can do to prevent more 'blow ups' and any ideas what might have caused it? I put one bottle of the brew in the frig and was gonna give it a taste to see if maybe I'm better off drinking it than letting the carpet enjoy it. Appreciate any input.
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