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  1. I have had clearer...but it is tasty!
  2. A few days in a cooler room really cleared it up nicely.
  3. Bottled 5 gallons of this batch the other night. I'm not sure if it was the yeast of just a fluke but it was cloudier then previous batches. Either way it will be a good beer. The other 5 gallons were moved to a cooler room. Just to see if it clears a little more.
  4. Looking good. I will let it go wash again and use on next batch!
  5. Well...it's a day late but my 6 month old yeast has started to get to work in the starter. I am wondering if I would have used on oxgenator and a stir plate if the little fellas would have woken up sooner.
  6. I pretty sure I stole it from someone. Basicaly I liked it and it describes it's purpose...fills my pipeline. nothing fancy but good drinking.
  7. I like a little kick! :gulp: And I really think that my IBUs are actually lower as the updated version of hopville does not have an option to enter the actual boil volume. I boiled 3 gallons not all 5. I think that will make a differance.
  8. Last year I did a pipeline pale ale and lots of people liked it and it disappeared fast. So, since it was intended to keep my pipeline full (but did not) I decided to do 10 gallons of it. Here is what I did: Pipeline Pale Ale Ordered all the ingredienst on line with the plan to use some washed yeast. The yeast did not seem to be taking off in the starter so on brew day I went out and bought some WLP060. Now to the brewing...I mashed all the grains for 1 hour and sparged. Then split the wort in 2 even amounts. In 2 seperat pots I boiled 3 gallons of water, DME, and the hop additions on the schedule. (2 pots boiling at the same time. 1 on the stove and one on an outdoor burner, both with in sight)I started using fermcap and it is wonderfull. No chance of a boil over! Then I combined the mash wort and boil wort. Then chilled with a recent made wort chiller. Made sure to top everything off to 5 gallon, wort is now down to 75 degrees and we took a gravity of 1.072 (before temp correction) and pitched the WLP060. Sealed the buckets off and done for now! Everything went very smooth thanks to 2 friends helping, a large everything pizza and a few beers from the bottom shelf of the fridge.
  9. Well, could not find any of the previous mentioned yeasts in the local HBS so I ended up getting WLP060. Think it will be close? Here is the actual brew!
  10. Today is the second morning and still no action. I do not have a stir plate (note to self, add to shopping list)But I manually give it a good swirling everytime I walk by. It actually settles to the bottom just like when I washed it. Sniff tested both and they still smell like beer...no sour. Guess I'll swing by the store and grab some new (don't want to chance it on 10 galons of brew) and continue the starters as an experiment to see if the take off in a few days. If so, I'll rewash and store for future use.
  11. "russki" post=291900 said: "Beer-lord" post=291894 said:Yes, US-05 is the dry yeast equivalent to 1056. I've used it many times in place of 1056. Yep - it's the Chico strain, the same as used by Sierra Nevada. It's also the same as White Labs WLP001.Now I feel as if I'm back tracking...Why buy more costly liquid over the 2 drys that you are referencing?
  12. Well, it sounds like I have done all I can do at this point with the exception os a step starter. 1. I did check the smell. (normal/no sour) 2. I did a starter, with the option to back out if it fails. 3. I did use yeast nutrient. So US-05 is the same as Wyste 1056? Or just similar? I'd really like it to be the same. I am actually reproducing a beer that I did before and was enjoyed by all. It actually ran out alot faster then I liked and the second batch is going to a friend that really liked it. So much that he asked for 5 gallons of his own.
  13. How "old" is too old for washed yeast? I have (2) jars of american ale yeast, Wyeast 1056, that I washed almost 7 months ago. The jars were filled to the top with clean water (no air in jars)and the lids had pressurized over the time in the fridge. Do you think they are still good? I made up (2) yeast starters last night with the plans to brew (2) 5 gallon batches on wednesday night. I am thinking to pitch them in the wort and if they fail then pitch new yeast on top to get things going. Anyone think this is a mistake?
  14. I used it for the first time in my last batch. Paired it with Centennial. I was very happy with the results. I noticed a bit of citrus but not enought to call it grapefruit.
  15. Who would have thunk it!?! Thought I screwed it up on brew day and after two weeks in the bottle it taste awesome. Maybe my best one yet! Glass emptied way too fast.
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