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  1. Hi guys whats your thoughts on aluminium pots for boiling the wort? I keep hearing nasty comments about oxidation and hazards to the health from it, what do y'all use?
  2. If the kit was bought new just recently hit the shop it came from or even Mr Beer itself as they may replace the cans and yeasts. It would be a tradjedy to wait 6 weeks and have a beer that tastes like crap and could even put you off making future brews. Good luck!
  3. Does the use off DME for the priming cause a scum ring on the neck off each bottle?
  4. Adding DME seems to be defeating the purpose of not adding anything to the beer. Looks like I will have to move onto kegging to get the true brew that meets the "law". SWMBO will have to give up on that holiday so I can get a keg setup, i'm sure she will understand when I tell her its a law!!
  5. Hi guys my basic understanding of this is that there are no extra sugars added to any brews that abide by this "law", just water, barley, hops and yeast. Now my question is does this mean that any of us that bottle carbonate and condition will never be able to claim to meet this law? Or are there other ways to get the bubbles in the bottle that I am not aware of. Just one of those silly little things that I would actually like to be able to claim to my mates that my beer meets all the requirements.
  6. Screwy after such a long and cool secondary do you need to add extra yeast at bottling?
  7. Hi all, I have managed to keep my brew of a Euro style lager with saflager23 yeast at 10 deg C/ 50 deg F. It has been brewing for near on 2 weeks and is just about finished fermenting. I do not secondary ferment or batch prime it is all done from the primary fermenter. Now for my question..... when I carbonate using my standard coopers drops, do I need to remain it at 10 deg C/50 deg F or can I store it at room temp to condition as it becomes a lot harder for me to store a full 6 gal brew in the bottles at low temps. Just being careful as not to destroy the flavors my hard work and hops have done. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  8. I don't know that beer you are talking about but a lot of pilsner beers down this way (New Zealand) use Hallertau 7% as a base hop.
  9. Dunedin New Zealand, so very regularly below 50.
  10. My brewing has taken over the house and has now been banished to the basement by SWMBO while we do some renovation work, apparently two fermenters bubbling away in the bedroom is not acceptable practice. Can anyone tell me what yeast will work at the lowest temps as in the basement it is regularly below 50degF or 10 degC. I am hoping to continue doing lagers so they are ready for our southern hemisphere summer. Any help would be great.
  11. jenta

    Chocolate ale

    What about throwing a can of drinking chocoloate powder in? Would the flavor remain or would the yeasties eat it all? By reading the back of the pack it is just cocoa and sugar with a couple of numbered stabilisers. All I know is I like a hot chocolate but love beer even more. Just the thought of combining then has me excited about the prospects.
  12. Anyone done a chocolate ale? Got any good recipies? I really have no idea where to start to get the chocolate flavor. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Oh well I hope it clears but clear or not it is being tried for the first time tomorrow! Wish me luck.
  14. Any idea idea how long it will take to clear in the fridge?
  15. thank god it will clear. Been coping flack about amount of time spent on brewing beer and she would have a good laugh at my expense if i had foul tasting beer!
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