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  1. my first batch i used filtered water from our (pur)water filter picher . took awhile, waiting for the water to run through the filter, but our water taste really chlorinated. this time i bought a 6 gallon case of spring water, from bjs, for under 6 bucks.
  2. lol yeah I noticed the ribbing. wow thats alot of info... Thanks. The WCPA that came with the kit turned out good. I used the pet bottles. I noticed when first poured it was fizzy and kinda light. the closer to the bottom of bottle the more cloudy and tasted alot better. I may turn the bottles upside down before drinking next time. got the deluxe american blond coming next and thinking about trying the pilothouse. from there i might start to mix and match and experiment with finding my own brew... I know I only did my first brew but man... this is fun!
  3. cool. yeah i was thinking about trying the pilothouse. thanks
  4. was there a big diff in the deluxe and the standard? wich was better? more body and higher abv% in the deluxe im guessing?
  5. WCPA turnd out pretty good. cant wait to start my second brew!going to do the deluxe american blond. just waitng for it to come in the mail. would like to know what ingredients/recipes/refill combos would make a beer close to the big name brewers? ie: coors,coors light,bud,miller....etc...thanks
  6. what mr beer refills, recipes or ingredients, would make a beer close to the big name company beers. ie: bud,coors ect...? thanks
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