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  1. http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f37/samuel-adams-old-fezziwig-ale-clone-151047/ You could try google ... That's what I did
  2. At what temperature was your OG taken? have you corrected OG for temp? How full did you fill LBK?
  3. I would omit the honey ... It will make a good brew and condition quicker without the honey.. jmho
  4. Take s SG should ne around 1.015 or less take another in a day or so if its the same bottle.
  5. haerbob3 wrote: if you can steep then you can partial mash I think you will enjoy the results better. After the PM is done your wort is all ready for the hop boil and your extracts at the end. +1 Or just BIAB AG but a PM is a great brew as well.
  6. Congrats on getting some more brewing toys... What kind of IPA are you interested in... Are you wanting to do an extract brew ir something a little more complex like a PM or AG?
  7. My best brews overflow... Beer is not ruined. Will require 2 months conditioning ... That is a great brew... I liked it best at 4 months in the bottle ..of course it was the last bottle at that time
  8. I have not done either of those recipes .. I did a pumpkin spice porter with nutmeg cinnamon and allspice added to the boil at 10 minutes before flameout... It was a very tasty brew... No actual pumpkin in the brew... But everyone thought there was
  9. I was gonna recommend something ... But Screwys recipe idea sounds Phenominal... Do what he recommended and you will have a great brew..
  10. Do not worry about it the yeast will find all the sugar... its there only food source...
  11. If you have never tried BTP on its own I highly recommend just doing the batch straight up... To find the right amount for adding buy a porter and add a bit at a time till u get desired flavoring
  12. I did 2 cans ADIPA with Chinook cascade and centinal with extra malt I used 2 cans Mellow Amber and 1 of Pale Export turned it into a 5 gallon batch of FRANKENBEER ... It was very good ..
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