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  1. http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f37/samuel-adams-old-fezziwig-ale-clone-151047/ You could try google ... That's what I did
  2. At what temperature was your OG taken? have you corrected OG for temp? How full did you fill LBK?
  3. I would omit the honey ... It will make a good brew and condition quicker without the honey.. jmho
  4. Take s SG should ne around 1.015 or less take another in a day or so if its the same bottle.
  5. haerbob3 wrote: if you can steep then you can partial mash I think you will enjoy the results better. After the PM is done your wort is all ready for the hop boil and your extracts at the end. +1 Or just BIAB AG but a PM is a great brew as well.
  6. Congrats on getting some more brewing toys... What kind of IPA are you interested in... Are you wanting to do an extract brew ir something a little more complex like a PM or AG?
  7. My best brews overflow... Beer is not ruined. Will require 2 months conditioning ... That is a great brew... I liked it best at 4 months in the bottle ..of course it was the last bottle at that time
  8. I have not done either of those recipes .. I did a pumpkin spice porter with nutmeg cinnamon and allspice added to the boil at 10 minutes before flameout... It was a very tasty brew... No actual pumpkin in the brew... But everyone thought there was
  9. I was gonna recommend something ... But Screwys recipe idea sounds Phenominal... Do what he recommended and you will have a great brew..
  10. Do not worry about it the yeast will find all the sugar... its there only food source...
  11. If you have never tried BTP on its own I highly recommend just doing the batch straight up... To find the right amount for adding buy a porter and add a bit at a time till u get desired flavoring
  12. I did 2 cans ADIPA with Chinook cascade and centinal with extra malt I used 2 cans Mellow Amber and 1 of Pale Export turned it into a 5 gallon batch of FRANKENBEER ... It was very good ..
  13. You can just go commando and put hops in secondary before you add your beer... or put in a hops sack ... your choice... I am a tightwad so I don't use hops sack s anymore..
  14. IBU is around 35 ... I would try upping it to around 50+... As to how to do that its up to you ... Play with the times you boil different hops and amounts .. you will find what you want...
  15. CHOCOLATE Covered cherry is a good brew ... I did it with fromunda yeast and it was good... I would use 05 on it if I were to brew it again
  16. Let it condition at room temp then put it in the fridge... conditioning should be done at room temperature ...
  17. You can filter if you keg and force cabonate ....
  18. I use 1/2 cup of water and 1/3 cup sugar... Boil water add sugar cool to room temp and add to container you use for batch priming ...
  19. I use 1/3 cup for mr beer sized batch priming...
  20. Sounds great let us know how it comes out...
  21. It would be fine to use it ... Depending on style I brew I use 04,05 or a liquid yeast from white labs or Wyeast ... It will come to a point where you will find what you prefer to use yourself ... Hope this helps you.
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