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  1. Anyone out try to make a caramel porter? Thinking of trying to a brew a batch myself and just looking how others may have tried to do it.
  2. Yeah I was leaning on Smooth
  3. Anyone try the new UME? Trying to figure out the replacement for mellow amber. Is it golden or smooth? LOL
  4. Hey thanks for the tip, didn't think about searching the word archive :cheers:
  5. Anyone still have some recipes using the West Coast pale ale and the Cowboy lager. These have been archived and hard to find. Thnx
  6. Has anyone ever tried to make a Kolsch type beer? Looking for something like a Sunner Kolsch. I was thinking of taking maybe the czech pilsner or pilothouse pilsner and adding the pale export ume.
  7. Not sure on which to use. I guess the real fruit needs to be crushed/puree or maybe easier to use the juice. How much juice to use would be the question.
  8. Just wondering if anyone had experimented with Pomegranate with Mr Beer. I was thinking of making a Pomegranate wheat beer.
  9. Anyone know if there is a substitute for Glacier hops?
  10. Thnx... i'll make sure and check the list.
  11. What yeast does everyone suggest to use when brewing a bock?
  12. Can more than 1 booster pouch be used in making 1 batch of standard refill beers? I have a Canadian draft that i want to start but wondering if adding extra booster will punch up the %AC.
  13. Well it was in ther fermenting stage for at least 3 weeks. Conditioning for 2 to 3 weeks and now has been in fridge for additional 2 weeks. Looking at 5 weeks out of fermenting stage.
  14. Well West coast pale ale is the can plus booster and yeast. The irish red is the two cans, hops and the yeast (I'd have to look up the specs for the exact specs)
  15. what you mean? The mr beer keg?
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