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  1. I made this for my wife months ago. Came out just fine. Personally I did not care for it but my wife liked it. I did not get any of them tastes with this one. However I had that issue with the summer seasonal. Couldn't drink a drop. Really bad alcohol taste. In fact when I bottled it it smelled like rubbing alcohol. Out of all the batches I made that so far is the only one that came out bad. I just think it got infected. nothing can save it. I am assuming this is what has happened to this brew for you.
  2. This has happened to me 4 times. 2 with a wing capper, 1 just last week with my bench capper and one when I opened a bottle to drink. The wing capper is an issue but when it happened with my bench capper I was shocked but I think I know what happened. The bottle that I broke with the bench caper was a Heineken bottle. To me it seems like the mouth is a bit wider that a normal bottle, so I normally use a wing caper for them. But I was feeling lazy and didn't feel like fetching it so I used the bench capper. It capped it fine but the bottle got really stuck in the capper. The normal amount of pressure to get it out so I used some more and crack. The cap and part of the bottle were forcibly stuck in the capper. I had to literately get it out with needle nose pliers and it was no easy task. I eventually got it out but never again will I use my bench capper on Heineken bottles.
  3. Ok this was a very strange one. I let it ferment about 3 weeks, and bottled. When I bottled it, the beer seemed to be already carbonated, in fact I would say fully carbonated. I was extremely nervous of bottle bombs so I covered the case of bottles up with a tarp just in case. $ weeks later no bombs and i threw them in the fridge. 3 days later I opened one, expecting it to blow up all over me, but it didn't. It don't taste right to me. I cant put my finger on it. it is definitively drinkable but something just seems off. I have another batch of it fermenting now so we shall see if we have the same issues. Anyone else have this carbonation issue with this or any other beer? What could cause it? The only thing I can account for this issue is that a couple days after brewing it I noticed the LBK was leaking from the spigot. I cleaned my hands and arm with alcohol based hand sanitizer to tighten the locking nut. Ill bet this caused it. in fact I was not expecting this batch to turn out at all. Thoughts?
  4. I'll be 35 on the 18th. May I join the party?
  5. Oh wow, I have to update my list. Black Tower Porter long gone. It was great, is definitely on my brew again list. For the coffee stout, how much expresso did you add to each bottle? The recipe says to add 1 shot per plastic PET bottle. I will be bottling in glass too.
  6. It will be fine, might not be ready but you won't die from drinking it. I am going to be making this one very soon. Let me know how it turns out. Did you use the plastic or glass bottles?
  7. I have the same issue as you. So after 2 or 3 batches I figured that I really like this hobby and want to make more beer so I bought a second LBK. I am now thinking about getting a 3rd.
  8. None, but my wife claims she gets headaches from my beer. I think she is just crazy. Good beer wont give you hangovers. Last weekend I went to my buddies stag, and no lie, I must have drank 15-20 Guinness's. I got home and was thinking, crap I am going to be sick tomorrow. I woke up just fine the next morning. If I drank the same amount of Bud's Id be puking and shitting my brains out! I have yet to drink that many Mr. Beers since that would be like and entire batch, so not sure if I would get sick.
  9. Just in time for me Brew Club order that ships on 8/15. Thank's Mr. Beer!
  10. I have only broke one bottle with my wing capper. It broke off the tip. I just got a bench capper, used from ebay a few weeks back and used it for the first time on my last batch a week and a half ago. Best thing I bought, next to the locking spigot and bottling wand.
  11. I am glad I am not the only one. The nut for the original spigot is much more easier to get on. No hard, sharp edges. I wish they would make the locking spigot with the nut from the original spigot.
  12. packerduf wrote: bufbandit wrote: I normally warm condition for 4 weeks, then put the entire batch in the fridge then drink after 2-4 days. I would like to warm condition longer, but I cant really get much of a pipeline started, even with 2 kegs. I guess I should start to drink slower. ...or get another keg? I wish I could find the time for 3 kegs. A energetic 2 1/2 old does not like to gave daddy time to himself to brew 2 batches let alone 3.
  13. I normally warm condition for 4 weeks, then put the entire batch in the fridge then drink after 2-4 days. I would like to warm condition longer, but I cant really get much of a pipeline started, even with 2 kegs. I guess I should start to drink slower.
  14. Ill find out when I get home today. I don't think that would be the issue because I bottled, washed then made another batch. It was not leaking on the other batch.
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