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  1. I opened one up last week, and I thought it was one of the best that I've brewed. Very good taste!
  2. I purchased all that I needed for the recipe "Old Uncle Arnold", that came with liquid yeast. It was delivered during the summer, and the package sat on my front porch for several hours in the heat. I immediately put the yeast in the refrigerator when I came home. It show an expiration date of June 2011. Should I still use it. I would like to make that recipe this weekend, but I do not want to ruin the entire batch with old yeast.
  3. From what I have perceived about the alcohol content of 6.5% over say 4.2%(Bud Light, I'm sorry about the Bud Light reference.. ) or so it seems to me, that it is exponentially higher to how it affects me. If I drink 5 ea. of the 4.2'%s, as compared to 5ea. of the 6.5'%s I get, what seems to me, to be a much higher effect from the alcohol. I am not sure if its the alcohol totally, or, the fact that this beer is so rich. My point would be, that if you want ABV, you won't need more with the Dubbel recipe(6.5%). It will have a good taste, and plenty of ABV for most people. So, I would suggest making it straight up.
  4. I bottled the ADIPA in a Growler, with no problem. Still have to drink it yet. Can't wait, however if by yourself, it is 64 oz., which is ok with me, but some might want to have a friend over to sample and drink.
  5. Hmmmm!!! Had one of these this evening, 32 oz. and it taste very good. Maybe I am changing my mind about this drink. Sometimes a person has a different taste experience, or maybe it is the couple weeks or three more of conditioning that made it better. WOW!!!
  6. Guys, I did not experience the banana and cloves in this beer, and neither did a friend of mine. Did I ferment/condition to the wrong temps.(70F to 72F)??? Not a bad beer though, but I must not be loving the Wheat beer.
  7. Brewed my first batch about a week ago. Figure it will be ready at New Years.... The reviews have been good, so I hope I enjoy it also.
  8. I have two LBK's, and just ordered another the past week. I found that a needed another to keep the pipeline moving. Ordered two more recipes with the LBK(Old Uncle Arnold, and Hop Head Red). Finished brewing Otto's Octoberfest and Jamaica Mon the past two days. Figured I needed another pig. Not sure where it all stops, however I don't really have the room for the 5 gallon setups yet???
  9. Well..... apparently after drinking the Imperial Hefeweizen, I am not a big wheat beer fan, however after having a buddy over from work, he suggested several weeks ago to put a slice of lemon on top. I must say, it really made a good drink of it. I tried it the other day without the lemon, and did not really like the wheat/yeast taste that much. We all have our own taste.... I will see how the second of the Imperial Hefeweizen turns out!
  10. Thanks everyone, I have gotten some very good ideas and knowledge that will ease my mind when I go to using the wand and measuring spoon. Like all ways, very good responses. And of course, others like me may have had similar questions, and will benefit from all the responses.
  11. yankeedag wrote: I use star san on my bottling wand. If you've kept your sugar scoop clean, it should be safe to use. I keep mine IN the sugar for storage. Maybe I am over thinking this, but can't the sugar have bugs also?
  12. Thank guys, but I am also wondering what kind of a container you immerse the wand in, or do you liberally wash the wand???
  13. 1)How do you sanitize the bottling wand? 2)And while I'm at it, how do you sanitize the Mr. Beer Sugar Measure? You can't put it in the sanitizer and get it wet for the seemingly obvious reason of the sugar sticking to it.......???
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