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  1. I guess you can tell from my name, I'm brewing right in the heart of Pittsburgh PA. I am in the Lawrenceville to be exact. I was just browsing the new section and think it's kinda cool.
  2. Thanks for the help, it always helps to have advice from the experts ! Keep on Brewing !!!
  3. I was figuring on trying to batch prime for the first time this week. I bought the slimline, but I am not sure of what the exact amount of sugar to use. Also, after I have racked to the slimline, do I mix the beer in the slimline with the sugar or will the sugar naturally mix as the beer is being racked? I ask because I am going to finally bottle this batch in glass (12oz bottles.) Thanks and Keep on Brewing !!!
  4. How much should I fill a glass 12oz bottle before capping? Keep on brewing !!!
  5. I'm brewing up a batch of Bill's Brew. I have no idea what type of Honey to add. Should I get some from a local store or should I go to my LHBS (gives me a reason to go and browse again)? I noticed that they had some on the shelf last time I was there. On a side note, I had my first Bottle Bomb this weekend from a Riptide Red carbing(5th day). I have them in Swing Top 750ml glass bottles that a Local Winery and Cider House gave me. It blew out during a Hockey Game this weekend and sounded like a ballon popping. I still got 7 bottles left. Keep on Brewing !!!
  6. I first have to say that everyone here is awesome with their wealth of knowledge about the brewing process. I guess you guys can tell how new I am with the number of posts. My first leap was with WCPA (2wks ferm, 4wks carb & cond, 5 days fridge) that came with my kit and it turned out great, taste and color. I now have 2 fermenting, Classic Blonde and Riptide Red. The Classic Blonde has 2 wks of ferment on it and is still cloudy and I think by taste needs another wk in the ferm (no hydrometer as of yet). I would say the same scenario goes with the Riptide Red. The cloudiness of both, I know, will just turn my friends off to drinking them. Would it be good for me to try and "cold crash" and let them clear some before bottling both? Like I said I am still new, but I still have trepidation that they won't clear as much as the WCPA did without "cold crashing". Will they clear in the bottle if I don't "cold crash"? When I took a little nip of them today, they both kinda looked like orange juice. Any knowledge of these to calm my nerves will help. Oh the vanity. Keep on Brewing !!!
  7. Congrats on the Riptide success! I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one brewing Riptide. I searched a lot for some posts, but couldn't find any on the Riptide. I just started fermenting it yesterday. I am using the older airlock system to brew this one (I still think the airlock system is kinda cool with the bubbles). I plan on at least 3-3.5 wks in fermenter, the 2 carb and 2 condtion at room temp. It's gonna be a struggle because the Riptide looks clean and tasty. Keep on Brewing !!!
  8. Thanks for the calming wisdom. The temp of the fermenter now is around 70-72 and I have white krausen spots forming on the top already (5hrs later). Looks like the yeasties are on their way to making the Riptide. Keep on Brewing !!!
  9. I just got finished mixing my wort of Riptide Red and poured it into keg. I topped off the keg with the remaining water to 8.5 I must have had a brain spasm, because I never mixed the wort in the keg. I did wait til the brewometer hit about 68 then I pitched the yeast. I waited about ten minutes then realized that I never mixed the wort to the water. I then VIGOROUSLY mixed the yeast and wort all together and got everything mixed well and aerated. Will not mixing the wort before I pitched the yeast affect my outcome? I do have another packet of yeast, should I pitch that and mix it up more? Oh the dilemma! Keep on Brewing
  10. Sorry for ETOH (alcohol) anacronym (work in the medical field) it just comes natural typing that. I should have said ABV. Thanks for the guidance! Keep on Brewing !!!
  11. I have 1/2 package of booster remaining from another mixture, could I add this booster to the Classic American Blonde Ale w/Pale Export w/ out messing up the integrity of the ingredients/beer? Could i expect an off taste? Would it add to much ETOH to the mixture? Any suggestions for a new brewer? Keep on Brewing !!!!
  12. Hello Everyone, I have recently jumped head first into this experience and couldn’t be happier. All the help from the MB community is priceless! I recently purchased the starter kit a few weeks ago and now I am getting eager to taste this fine Brew. I did the WCPA which came with the kit (2wks fermented, 2wks carb, and now 2wks conditioned at room temp). It looks awesome, smells great, and the taste of stale beer from the shot glass was beautiful. Now for the hard part, a friend noticed how much interest that I have in this and gave me his MB that he never used/opened (the WCPA can expired in 1999). It’s an older model with the Airlock Assembly (Deluxe Version w/ the bottles, woohoo got more bottles). My question is: Does anyone still use the Airlock? What should I expect? I was assured by online support that the newer recipes will work just fine in this system/airlock just follow the directions. Should I have just ordered a replacement lid when I placed my new order or should I go for the gusto and see how the fore fathers used to brew with this kit? Thanks and Keep on Brewing !
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