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  1. I have been brewing with Mr. Beer a very long time, and I recently learned of tilting the keg backwards during fermentation. I can not wait to try this. Historically, on bottling day I would tilt the back end of the keg up with a bar-tending book I had nearby my bottling site. I have always said I was going to build a more permanent ramp. I came up with this cheap design ( two old cookie sheets and two 2-packs of door stops costing $2.00 at HD ). I used Gorilla double stick mounting tape to attach the door stop ramps. I plan to tilt the kegs backwards during fermentation and then gently turn them around to cold crash before bottling. The cookie sheets will also keep any energetic fermentation overflow better contained. I can used the cookie sheets to carry my kegs from the fridge to my bottling counter.
  2. I have a college style mini-fridge that a Mr Beer keg fits into perfectly. I am attempting my first lager and I think I can keep the "Bohemien Bronze" recipe at about 46 degrees using the Bavarian Lager Liquid Yeast. I usually ferment two to three weeks at room tempwerature. How long does it take to ferment at these lower temperatures with lager yeast? Thanks, Dave
  3. Thanks everyone. Good stuff here. I went with the idea of just typing up a table in Windows Word with the headings : recipe, additional ingredients, date made, time fermented, date bottled, time carbonated, time lagered, final taste impressions, and whether I would brew again. I Then copied the table and pasted it so that I have 6 per page and printed them up for a three ring binder.
  4. I have been trying to remember just what I did with the various Mr Beer recipes I have made, and just how the final product tasted, but I realize I need to stop being lazy and start writing down the pertinent details of each Mr Beer batch I make -- including the recipe, the fermenting times, the carbonation times and the time in the fridge. I also want to write down the impression of the final flavor obtained. There are home brewing log books out there, but they deal with brewers who are not using pre-made extracts and contain more details than I need or want. I know it is heresy, but I don't use a hydrometer. Has anyone come up with a simple log on MS Word that I can steal . . . er, I mean, use? Thanks. Dave
  5. I used one 8 ounce bottle of light Agave I bought at WalMart in a batch of Grand Bohemien Czech Pilsner and did notice a slight tequila taste. Otherwise, it turned out good.
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