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  1. I bottled my first batch using 12oz beer bottles. I used a mixture of twist off and regular bottles as I didn't have anything else around at the time--big mistake. I should have realized that twist off bottles were a bad idea when I broke two while attempting to cap, and then I broke another one recently when I attempted to take the cap off. The necks seem much weaker on twist off bottles. I had no bottle bombs, but I have found that the beer in the regular bottles is carbonated a little better. I think bottling with glass is the way to go over plastic. I would just avoid using twist off bottles. The best I have found in my area are Sam Adams, and I like the beer which doesn't make it bad to have to collect enough. They hold up through the dish-washer very well and I didn't have any break on me. I am thinking about going by the local bottle redemption center though and see if they have any swing top bottles as it seems they are a favorite among a lot of brewers here.
  2. Thank you all for the answers. Since I am not using the plastic bottles from the Mr. Beer kit, that will work out well. Back onto the beer topic then, is it much more worthwhile to batch prime instead of bottle prime? The biggest issue I've noticed with my first batch is some bottles have excellent carbonation while others are basically flat. It would be nice to have each bottle be the same. I cannot seem to find the slimline at my local wal-mart or target, so if I were to buy a second Mr. Beer fermenter, is it possible to use that to batch prime as long as I plug up the holes where air could escape, or should I invest in a true bucket/container that is made for batch priming? Or should I just get a Slimline through the web and pay as much for shipping as I do the container... Also, for those more experienced, is it a good idea to invest in the swing top bottles? Sorry for all the questions. I am new to all this and rather excited about brewing beer.
  3. Hello everyone. I got a Mr. Beer kit over Christmas, and created my first batch of West Coast Pale Ale. I looked on the forums before I brewed and went along with the 2-2-2 method that so many have said works well. The batch came out okay, slightly cidery, but its probably my fault for not having the best measuring device for priming sugar. I am moving on to a recipe that does not use booster, Bewitched Red Ale w/Mellow Amber. I am also planning on using glass bottles so I can give out some to friends/family and not care so much about getting the bottles back. Anyway, my true question is that my wife found out that Mr. Beer also offers a root beer making kit and she really loves root beer. I have ordered a refill kit, but after I did that, I got to thinking. Does anyone know if brewing root beer in the Mr. Beer kit is going to make any following beer brews have a root beer taste or aroma? What about the PET bottles?
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