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  1. I'd really like a can or two shipped to me so that I could give an unbiased review.
  2. I used the same weizen yeast cake for 4 or 5 batches.
  3. So that's what I got left. I was thinking of doing one of the following 1.) 1 LBK size batch using 3 cans of American Devil IPA and then another LBK with 1 can American Devil and 1 can OVL. 2.) 1 LBK using 2 cans American Devil and I LBK with 2 cans of American Devil and 1 can OVL 3.) Add all 5 cans together and split them between 2 LBKS so that each batch has 2 cans American Devil and 1/2 a can of OVL 4.) Just do 2 normal batches of American Devil, then get some additional light LME and mix it with the OVL Let me know what you would do. I know #4 is probably playing it safe, but I like to experiment.
  4. good luck, man. keep a close eye on them so that they do not burn
  5. did you do anything special? i'll be brewing this up in a couple of weeks....
  6. "Trollby" post=268183 said:EIther DME or Amber LME will work. The other good Bock is the 2Hellen Bock OVL + Pale LME or DME + Honey I like only 1 cup honey and 2.5# Pale LME with the OVL and Hallertau or Tettnanger hops So are you saying... 1 can OVL 2.5 pounds of LME 1 cup of Honey how about those hops? do you do a boil with the lme?
  7. good stuff http://forum.northernbrewer.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=82858
  8. That sounds delicious. I am all about the pecan. Austin homebrew has a pecan extract that they sell. I was planning on going with that, but if using fresh toasted nuts is better, I would love to know.
  9. Animals. The lots of ya! You must be giving the stuff away
  10. I got the 2.5 tailgate draft system. It doesn't come with a regulator. It seems pretty well made. The lid is a little difficult to get in and seal with confidence though. I am naturally carbonating this time around with 1/3 cup of sugar, but I'm already certain that I will want to upgrade to a force carbonating system.
  11. The rest of the stuff came in today, so I suppose they came through in the end. A frustrating experience, but all is well.
  12. I'm sure that they have gotten plenty of orders right, and made plenty of customers happy. It just so happens that on my first experience with them, my order was screwed up. Kudos to those that have been pleased with your results working with Rebel Brewer thus far. The item at hand was also a gift from SWMBO for my birthday, that has now passed, so it upset me even more that they failed her just as much as they failed me.
  13. Just ordered 2 refills of it...pretty stoked.
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