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  1. I'm also moving on to wine after my next batch of beer. This will be my firs time making wine, so I am pretty excited. I will be trying Ed Wort's apfel wine. Going to have to look up the recipe again though...
  2. OK, I have done some looking around, but I would like some direct input regarding my introduction to kegging. SWMBO wants to get me a 2.5 or 3 gallon keg, and I think its a good route since I do 2 MB batches at a time and I can always bottle the remainder of the second keg. http://www.amazon.com/Gallon-Mini-Draft-System-New/dp/B0064OGRH6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1338051932&sr=8-1 http://www.amazon.com/2-5-Gallon-Mini-Draft-System/dp/B0064OGROY/ref=pd_sim_sbs_misc_2 These kegs require Co2 cartridges as opposed to attaching a co2 tank. I am assuming the only other equipment I would need is an auto-siphon and some tubing, but I don't really know anything about siphoning either. Anyone on the Borg use a keg like this that requires Co2 cartridges? Any input would be appreciated.
  3. http://www.amazon.com/Gallon-Mini-Draft-System-New/dp/B0064OGRH6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1338051932&sr=8-1 Is this the product you use? My gf wants to get me a kegging system for my bday. I think I would rather go with a 3 gallon set up than a 5 gallon since I don't have many drinking buddies, plus I could fit in the fridge.
  4. what's a good price? i see $7.99 + free shipping for 1 pound on Amazon, but there is this product called Carbo Gain that seems like it is intended as a weight gaining supplement. The ingredients state that it is 100% maltodextrin from corn. I can buy carbo gain for about 1/2 the price. Check it out below http://www.puritan.com/sports-nutrition-043/carbo-gain-072439?scid=3763&cm_mmc=GoogleProducts-_-sports-nutrition-_-carbo-gain-_-072439
  5. I have made 4 consecutive batches of hefeweizen simply pouring the wort on top of the yeast cake each time. The yeast cake never built up more than 1/2 an inch since I never cold crashed, as they are wheat beers. I recently poured a dunkelweizen wort over the the same yeast cake. It's all tasted good thus far.
  6. If you are like me, you have a ton of booster. These new refills would be a great way to use them since they don't come with any. The additional malt would offset any expected cidery tastes that were common with the original refills since they had such an unproportional malt/adjunct ratio.
  7. Anyone tried the Dark Ale or IPA? I have only tried the Wheat kit and I was impressed. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks ahead. -Tony
  8. I was at my local "health" grocery store today, its a chain called Sprouts that used to be called Sun Harvest. I am not sure if anyone else has these in their towns, but anyways, they had bulk milled wheat for 99 cents a pound and I was wondering if a.) this can be used to make "all grain" wheat beer and b.) is this a good price? actually, I have other questions too, but they revolve around the actual all grain process so I will research those on my own. thanks in advance!
  9. As a Texan, I will just say that Shiner Blonde is fantastic. If you are able to pull this off, please let us know how it comes out.
  10. Having never tried the recipe, and having a lot of it on hand, I'd add 1/2 a bag of booster.
  11. Its the right yeast. Ive got a nice blend of banana and clove spice. Really strong sulfur smells during fermenation as well.
  12. My experience with this yeast has been weird. I was expecting massive amounts of krausen, and I haven't had anything above what I have gotten with other yeasts. I have done 4 separate batches using this recycled yeast (2 split with a fresh pack, and then 2 more pitched over the cake) and each time the beer has been very well carbonated coming out of the LBK. I am talking nice head in a shot glass sample kind of carbonation. Also, my first two batches have been in the bottle for 10 days and they are crystal clear. This is the first time I haven't cold crashed in a while, and they are clearer than those that I did cold crash. Overall, I think this is a great yeast. Many people that start brewing are really bothered by the fact that they sometimes have to wait 2 months before their beer is drinkable. I wish I would have known when I first started just how quick wheat beers become drinkable. Living in South Texas, wheat beers are great because they are refreshing and it feels like summer 8 months out of the year. Without a doubt, hefeweizens are going to be my go to brew from here on out. If you are just starting out, and have had lackluster beers thus far while having to wait months just to drink your beer, I highly recommend this yeast and beer style. Prosit!
  13. I bottled my wheat beer today and something interesting happened. The bottles were foaming over as I was bottling them. The beer did seem slightly carbonated to begin with, but it seemed like the yeast was eating the sugar almost instantly. I hope I didn't lose my carbonation. I think I will cold crash next time with a wheat just to put the yeast to sleep. EDIT: I was using wyeast weihenstaphen
  14. Ok, so I just realized that a buddy of mine has two 1/6 kegs sitting at his condo. From what I understand, a 1/6 barrel holds 5.15 gallons of beer. I have to LBKs and I often brew double batches that adds up to about 4.5 gallons. Can I fill a 1/6 keg with only 4.5 gallons of beer and still manage to carb the beer effectively? Also, what other tools do I need to keg. I don't know the first thing about the process. Where do you get the C02?
  15. what kind of yeast do woodchuck and ACE use?
  16. yankeedag wrote: you might want to re-think that.. pull those bottles back out, let them sit for another 2 weeks, THEN try the cold conditioning. Remember, once they go in the fridge, the yeast goes to sleep and nothing happens. I wouldn't say that NOTHING happens. Extended cold conditioning, I have found, seems to have some benefits.
  17. I think I have figured out what I am going to do. I am going to brew a batch of Octoberfest Vienna Lager without the booster. The OVL is one of the hoppiest HMEs at 23 ibus. By brewing it alone with 2 gallons of water, it will make for a very thin, hoppy beer that I think will mix well with this thick, malty beer that I have.
  18. bpgreen wrote: I plugged this into qbrew and got an expected OG of 1.073 and 37 IBUs. The IBU calculation is going to be off a bit, but more likely on the low side. So this looks like a beer that would fall in the balanced range. US-05 can handle that and attenuate well enough. It may just be that you prefer beers that are more hoppy rather than balanced. I don't think I'd add water when serving. Mixing a hoppier beer when serving may do what you want, or you can see if the taste of a balanced beer grows on you. I hope it does grow on me because I have about 33 beers of it left and I think it will be too heavy to drink once summer comes around. It was the trub bottle, for what it's worth. I think another reason why it wasn't so appealing to me was that I was drinking it on a full stomach. A beer like this is pretty much liquid bread so it is probably better served before a meal rather than after.
  19. Thanks for the feedback. I used S-05. Im going to try mixing each bottle with about 1 or 2 oz of water when served. If that doesn't work much, I might buy a really hoppy commercial beer and mix bottle and bottle.
  20. I made a 4.5 gallon batch using 4 cans of HCCD, a 3.3# can of cooper's light lme and a pouch of booster. After 3 weeks in the bottle, the beer is really malty/sweet. Pretty smooth, no sharp alcohol flavors. I fermented very low and slow for 3 weeks. Is this a beer that can use some extended conditioning...like until next winter?
  21. Add a pound of unhopped lme and a pack of booster, split between 2 lbks
  22. I would open/close them once more after a week if they are rock hard.
  23. S-04 slurry on a red ale hme. must have been too warm.
  24. do these esters condition out over time or can you clean them up like you would with a diacetyl rest?
  25. I will have that one day. How long does the beer stay fresh once the keg is tapped?
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