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  1. Yeah, I like most lagers and pilsners very cold, but I was referring to ales and I was hoping to get some sort of Alton Brown type response as to why the aromas and flavors develop as the temperature rises and why this effect is not desirable with pilsners and other certain lagers.
  2. Someone please tell me! Is it like the way a red wine needs to breathe? Is it like the way the spring sun comes to save us from winter? What is the science behind it, and why is it so awesome?
  3. A lot of people on that threat seem to be MB brewers, prior or present. The one thing that irked me was that Peter admitted the inferiority of the yeast. I know yeast can be costly, and MB is a business, but it seems to me that if they doubled the size of yeast from 2g to 4g, and if they revised their conditioning and priming procedures, they would end up with many more satisfied first-time brewers.
  4. Are you properly aerating your wort after pitching your yeast?
  5. I've had my capper since christmas and just harvested a 12 pack of bottles from the new Sam Adams sampler. Their Whitewater IPA is fantastic, btw. I got all the labels off, and I wish they were completely unmarked, but they have a Sam Adams engraving. Because of the free beer, I can live with that though.
  6. why couldn't you just give them a quick boil? to kill off any nasties?
  7. marchuk96 wrote: So my next brew is jamaica mon...anyone got any opinions on this one...seemed to get good reviews and sounded delicous...is it comparable to red stripe??Any comments??? This one also seems to have a long-conditioning time. If anything, I'd say its comparable to red strip bold (a stronger version of red stripe).
  8. First, welcome. Second, that is way too much sugar. You should vent your bottles every week and let them sit at room temperature for 2-3 months.
  9. I hear you on the friends thing. I actually prefer it when they are more critical of my beer than when they tell me how much they like it.
  10. I got the same kit. It says to add a pound of light DME and a pack of booster for 5 gallons. I am waiting to get some wheat yeast to do mine.
  11. Are most recipes for ciders good warm and cold or are they meant to be drank at a certain temperature? Is the nong cider a warm cider?
  12. vent every 3 days for 2 weeks. then vent again after another week.
  13. Based on my experience and what I have read, this beer takes a while to condition (albeit, I did add a bag of booster). It had a strong alcohol taste even after 6-8 weeks conditioning.
  14. bpgreen wrote: sickfish wrote: fromunda yeast is that what they use for fromunda cheese ? That's what we call the yeast that comes with the kits, because we get it "fromunda" the lid.Is that REALLY why its called fromunda!?!? I searched fromunda looking for information on the yeast strain but I couldn't find anything. Is it a special yeast that only MB uses or what?
  15. I am pretty sure you are going to have really good beer.
  16. Yes, that chart is excellent. I remember seeing it when I first started brewing about a year ago and it made no sense at the time. Damn, you guys are so helpful.
  17. SenorPepe wrote: SmokingTony wrote: Thanks for clarifying, guys. I think there should be another way to measure bitterness in beer since the IBU scale lacks reliability. What do you mean exactly? I think maybe when you say "measure bitterness" you actually mean measure balance. As far as I know, BU:GU ratio is about as good as it gets, although that too doesn't exactly measure balance per se, but just the ratio of hops-derived bitterness to gravity points. I am unfamiliar with this ratio. I always thought you could just look at an IBU measurement and it would tell you how bitter the beer tasted.
  18. Thanks for clarifying, guys. I think there should be another way to measure bitterness in beer since the IBU scale lacks reliability.
  19. One can of OVL has an IBU of 23. If you add a pack of booster AND 1.5 pounds of LME, is the IBU of the beer still 23? I know this might be an extreme, but if you were to use 1 can of OVL and 3 pounds of LME would the beer still have an IBU of 23?
  20. I split 3 cans and 2 packs of booster between 2 batches and it was my best beer yet. Aerate properly, ferment low for 3 weeks, cold crash for 3 days and leave in the bottle for at least a month.
  21. To further clarify, its 1 can blonde HME and 1/2 can of Bewitched Red HME. I split the red can between two batches that I did within 15 minutes of each other. I though it might just be a "cidery" flavor, but I used 1 1/2 cans of HME and 1 booster. I have done a couple of straight up refills with just 1 can HME and 1 booster, and this cidery flavor was not as prominent. The only difference is that I used Safale-05 instead of fromunda this time around.
  22. I thought infected beers tasted so bad that they were impossible to drink. I just popped another in the fridge to gain a better understanding of the tart flavor.
  23. I have a tart flavor in one of my brews (1 can blonde, 1/2 can red, 1 booster). It had the same taste prior to bottling and I was kind of worried, and sure enough its still there. The beer is definitely drinkable, I just can't figure out what caused the tartness. I've heard that infections make a beer undrinkable, so I don' t think this is the cause of an infection. I fermented very low for 3 weeks using safale-05 and its been in the bottle a month. Any guesses?
  24. I use this product from the dollar store called L.A.'s Totally Awesome Oxygen Base Cleaner. Works great
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