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  1. if you let it suck air in there is a small chance that you might have contaminated the batch...but you won't know until you get a chance to taste it. Whenever I move my LBK's, I pick them up from the bottom and move them gently, trying not to slosh the liquid around inside. You'll probably be fine, but I wouldn't do that again.
  2. This thread makes me very sad. Of all the new products, these were the ones I was salivating to try. I loved the American Devil IPA and was going to buy another batch when it was discontinued. I remember it being very hoppy. I was hoping this Diablo would be a suitable replacement. I had high hopes for the winter dark, hoping it was close to the Christmas ale from 2 years ago (Strong Dark Ale) which was my wife's favorite brew ever. Thin and uninspiring was not what I was looking for. How do the current stouts stand up to the old Sticky Wicket? I still have some of those left.
  3. I went ahead and added the seeds to the LBK right before the yeast. The stout spend a month fermenting and I tried the first one this week after 2 weeks in the bottles. Yep, maple flavor. I'll give it a couple more weeks in the bottles before trying another. Thanks for your advice Mashani
  4. I was re-listening to the adjuncts podcast the other week and they were talking about using fennugreek seeds to add maple flavoring to your beer. I got a small bottle off of amazon and am getting ready to brew my stout tomorrow. I was wondering if anybody has any experience using Fennugreek? I think I read that boiling them in the work brings out a bitter or metallic flavor and I read somewhere else to crush the seeds and to add them in the secondary. Anybody in here have any experience or suggestions?
  5. Just to let yall know. The recipe I listed is my standard stout base. I have made it monthly (with steeped oatmeal) for over a year, with slight variations, so I know that it's 'ok' and that I like it. I was wondering how much chocolate to add. I was going to get 'dutch processed' chocolate, but I can't find it locally. The cheapest I could find it online was 20 bucks a pound, and I don't know if I will like it enough to drop that much money on an ingredient. I bought some Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa powder instead. Listening to the Adjuncts podcast (17) they suggested boiling it to get it to integrate better. What I was looking for was a suggested amount to use in a Mr Beer sized batch. Apparently adding too much will mess with the Ph balance of the wort.
  6. ADIPA was the first Mr Beer refill that actually impressed me. Try it straight up before you tinker with it.
  7. I have had a batch or two back when I started this hobby that I worried didn't brew right, but they turned out OK in the end. Yeah, the thing to do now is to taste it and see if it tastes like flat beer. If it tastes sweet and no alcohol taste/smell, then you might have gotten some bad yeast. Let us know.
  8. I am thinking about tweaking my stout recipe to do a chocolate coffee variation after listening to the Mr Beer Adjuncts Podcast again, and I was wondering how much chocolate I should use for a Mr Beer sized batch. First off, this is my stout base Recipe 1 can St. Patrick's Irish Stout HME 1 can Creamy Brown UME 2 cups Breiss Dark Malt Extract 3 cups Dark Brown Sugar US-05 yeast According to the podcast, the best way to add coffee flavor is to add a shot of espresso to each bottle at bottling time (cooled of course), so that's what I'm planning to do. I don't have access to an LHBS, so I have to get all my ingredients either from a grocery store or from the internet. My question was how to add the chocolate. The podcast suggested using Dutch Process cocoa, and boiling it. I just don't know how much and how long. I would plan to add it with the DME and boil it for a period of time, before adding the liquid HME/UME. Any help would be appreciated
  9. I enjoy my stout whenever I drink it :chug: I usually set aside 4 for Friday nights, and have one whenever I get stuck cleaning up the kitchen after my wife's cooking or whenever I'm running the grill. If I was single, I'm sure I'd drink more.
  10. My recipe is a tweaked version of Mr Beer's recipe "The Dubliner" https://www.mrbeer.com/product-exec/product_id/774/nm/The_Dubliner_ The hops are put dry into a hop sack and tossed into the LBK right before yeast is added. For this last batch, I bought a pound of Fuggles in bulk and divided it up. http://www.hopsdirect.com/store/pellet-hops.html The Mr Beer recipe asks for 1/2 oz per LBK. I upped it to 1 oz as an experiment. That batch should be ready for tasting this weekend and I'll post how it turned out.
  11. I have been brewing stouts for the past year, and have found that the S-04 yeast produces less carbination/head than the s-05 yeast. It does get better with time, but I get less head retention and less pronounced flavor in the brew. I have used Booster in the past, but decided to switch to Breiss Dry Malt Extract instead, and have been quite happy. You can get a 3lb bag for around 12 bucks at your local home brew shop. If you like it, visit http://www.dmemart.com/purchase.php for bulk deals. My recipe is as follows 2 cans sticky wicket HME 2 cups Oatmeal (boiled 5 min in hop bag then discarded) 2 cups Breiss Dark Dry Malt Extract 3 cups Dark Brown Sugar 2 Tblspoons Molasses 1 oz Fuggles Hops Safale US-05 Dry Ale Yeast (whole package) I let this brew for 4 weeks (I'm putting so much stuff in that it takes that long to brew) and then bottle. At 2 weeks in the bottle it is fully carbed, but still green flavor wise At 3 weeks in the bottle it's pretty good At 4 plus weeks in the bottle it is great.
  12. "bpgreen" post=243055 said:USMCMatt wrote: You should of used 04, not 05 Not necessarily. It depends on what you're looking for. US-05 is fine for an American stout. S-04 would be better for an English/Irish stout. I made a couple of batches directly comparing the 04 and 05 yeasts, brewed the same day with the same ingredients otherwise. I didn't like the 04 near as much, it took much longer to carbinate and the flavor seemed less intense. Maybe it's because I'm pushing the limits of the yeast with the ammount of fermentables I'm brewing? I'm now doing 2 cans HME, 2 cups DME, & 3 cups Brown Sugar. I have taken OG and FG measurements and I'm consistently hitting between 7 and 8% ABV. I found the 05 to become fully carbinated by 2 weeks in the bottle and the 04 to need 4 to 6 weeks. It never quite hit the same level of carbination, but after the stout set in the glass for a bit after pouring, it tended to have a smoother mouthfeel, but some of the flavors seemed less pronounced. I just prefer the 05.
  13. "bpgreen" post=253274 said:One online source with good prices is http://dmemart.com This is the way to go if you don't have a local brew shop. This guy DOES NOT charge shipping, and he turns your order around very quickly. It's like he spends all his time sitting in the warehouse staring at his computer with open boxes and piles of Dry Malt Extract bags sitting around just waiting for you to hit the 'purchase' button on your browser. *S*
  14. "meopilite" post=253288 said:ok, so once i obtain some DME, what do i do with it? use it instead of HME or UME? I have been using DME as an additive IN ADDITION to Mr Beer cans of HME/UME. It's a way to increase the alchohol content and body without making my stout 'cidery' as if I just added sugar. 2 cans sticky wicket HME 3 cups Breiss DME 2 cups Brown Sugar Mmmmmmm
  15. piscator wrote: My first shot at Stout was with the SWOS premium refill done straight up as the recipe called for. Not bad, good in fact. Maybe a rating of 7.5 on a scale of 1-10 where ten is super. Here's the scoop. Great flavor, medium carbonation. 1 tsp cane sugar for priming. PET 16oz bottles are rock hard and some have the bottom pushed out slightly (they stand up crooked) Almost black in color and cleared up nicely. Nice after-taste. Body is okay, but where it falls down for me is that it has none of that thick, silky texture going across the tongue that I so like in a stout. I was in the same boat as you several months ago. Brewed up a Mr Beer stout recipe but found it lacking in both mouthfeel and taste. I ended up making several tweaks, but the best thing I did was to upgrade from the Fromunda included yeast to Safale US-05. That improved the taste immensely. If you are wanting oatmeal, just follow the directions for "The Dubliner" that's the base recipe that I use for my stout. I also add 2 cups of Breiss Dark Malt Extract, and 2 cups of Dark Brown Sugar, and a bit of Dark Molasses. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.
  16. Scottish Wee Heavy = Meh. I used to live in Douglasville, but moved to the Chattanooga area around Y2K. I hear things got dangerous down there after they built that mall. I used to live in Arbor Station, if that means anything to you. Is the Peckerhead brewery still around? I used to take the family there for burgers and brews back in the day.
  17. Typically when a beer is flat, it means you need more time for the yeast to work at room temperature. Depending on how much stuff you toss in your brews, and how healthy your yeast was when you pitched it, impacts on how quickly it carbonates. Take it all out of the fridge and let it sit in a quiet place for another couple of weeks, then try one bottle and see how much the carbonation has improved.
  18. I did a batch of black tower porter with some extra DME thrown in. Fermented 4 weeks, then bottle conditioned 3 weeks and it was good. It was better after 4 weeks in the bottle, and tasted great until it was gone. I used US-05 yeast with it and was happy with that choice.
  19. I have been making this recipe for several months now, and this was my 4th or 5th batch of it. The changes that I made this time were substituting regular Quaker Oats for the Quaker Minute Oats, and adding honey instead of brown sugar. This was the 2nd time that I tried adding Dry Malt Extract. The first time I added DME, I added it to the Black Tower porter (added 2 cups) and that was smoooooooth, with no gritty taste. I was wondering if all of the DME didn't disolve or something. Maybe it was the oats. And I always pour my bottle into a pint glass, taking care to leave the last little bit in the bottom. If the bottle hasn't been in the fridge very long to compact the yeast/trub at the bottom of the bottle, you can see when it starts to pour out at the end of the bottle, and I didn't get trub into the glass on either of the beers that I have opened from this batch so far. Outside of the 'grit' it tastes really good and has a bit of a kick, so I'll definately be drinking it all gone. I'll probably wait to the 2nd batch that I bottled a week later before sharing it with anybody else though. Maybe that one won't have any 'grit'
  20. BigPapaG wrote: +1 @oly @bgthigfist. What did your recipe look like? I'm describing a texture The taste is just where I want it. Here is the recipe: It's basically a tweaked version of 'the Dubliner' https://www.mrbeer.com/product-exec/product_id/774/nm/The_Dubliner_ _________________________________________________________________ 2 cups Oatmeal (roasted @ 300 degrees for 60 min), boiled in hopsack for 5 minutes then removed from wort. add 2 cups honey, boiled for 5 minutes add 3 cups Breiss DME stirred in gradually, then brought to boil again until hot break and remove from heat add in 2 cans Sticky Wicket HME add in 2 Tblspoons of Molasses Stir well and cool add 1/2 oz Fuggles Pellet hops to keg in hopsack add whole packet Safale US-05 Dry Ale Yeast, let sit 5 minutes stir to aerate 3 weeks in LBK. Racked to slimline for additional week. I have the OG and FG measurements at home.
  21. I have just started experimenting with Breiss Dark Malt Extract as an additive. I first added 2 cups to a batch of porter, and it turned out great. I decided to add more to my next batch of stout, and went to 3 cups. I finally got to try one, and there is a faint 'grit' taste left at the end. Should I have boiled it longer or something?
  22. Same happened to me with a batch of Pumpkin Porter. I can honestly say that it only got worse over time. After letting it bottle condition for 3 months I ended up dumping the entire batch. I then sterilized my LBK by putting a bleach solution in it for a week, and then rinsing it out compulsively. Good luck.
  23. I have found that the more stuff you are fermenting, and the lower your fermenting temps, the longer it takes to 'finish.' I was hoping my 2 batches of Oatmeal Stout would be ready at 2 weeks, but they were still very sweet to the taste; they will probably take a month to finish. The Winter Seasonal should be ready in 3 weeks. I'll definitely check it at 2 weeks, but since I only have time to brew/bottle on the weekends, I don't usually mess with stuff in the middle of the week.
  24. BigPapaG wrote: +1 To keeping a Belgian on the roster... (and the Dark Strong Ale from last winter as well!) Didnt' care for the dubbel myself, but I would kill to get last year's Dark Strong Ale as a permanant refill option!
  25. Brewed both cans straight-up yesterday. I was going to do a batch of my modified 'dubliner' oatmeal stout as well, but decided to put that off a week.
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