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  1. I recommend the big styrofoam coolers from walmart. They are six bucks a piece. Your Mr. Beer keg and an ice pack fit perfectly in there. Thanks
  2. Always done it before and havent had any problems
  3. Yes and it is worth the wait my friend
  4. Keep it in the keg for 3 weeks. Where are you from in Ohio
  5. I placed an order on the 30th and I checked this morning and it still hasnt shipped.
  6. Welcome aboard. Also agree three weeks is the way to go!
  7. I use the big styrofoam coolers from Walmart and I can put 1 big blue ice pack in the morning and it will hold my temperture between 64-68 for 24 hours.
  8. Ok thanks. The temperture has been good the whole time its not that I just let it sit there. I changed the ice packs still twice everyday. So that is good news.
  9. I lost track of time with my Oatmeal Stout and its been in the fermenter 4 weeks. I thought three weeks was tonight. Tempertures have been good the whole time. I hope I didnt ruin it?
  10. Anyone ever leave a brew in the fermenter for 4 weeks?
  11. Say what you want about Miller Lite!!! When I bottle my beer I use 7 Mr. Beer PET bottles and 2 of the Miller Lite Bottles. These Miller Lite bottles are the first ones that go into the fridge. I put one in after a month try it a week later.Then put the second one in at the end of the second month then try a week later. This way if its not ready you arent wasting a 32 ounces!
  12. This is what I use to clean out my kegs Ultra Palmolive Baby Bottle, Toy & Dish Washer. I have brewed 8 batches and so far all of my brews have come out great.
  13. Spring Water does the trick for me!!!
  14. I bottled an Octoberfest on September 10 and I checked on the bottles (32 Ounce Pet) and they are rock solid but I noticed there isnt any sediment on the bottom of the bottles. I also checked my German Hefeweizen that I bottled a week later and the bottles are pretty hard and there is a ton of sediment at the bottom like usual. Just curious if anyone else has seen this before. thanks
  15. Thats why this forum rocks. You learn new things every single day!!!
  16. I never even heard that Mr. Beer caps cant be used more than five times?
  17. Anyone ever use Coopers Carbonation Drops
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