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  1. Say what you want about Miller Lite!!!

    When I bottle my beer I use 7 Mr. Beer PET bottles and 2 of the Miller Lite Bottles. These Miller Lite bottles are the first ones that go into the fridge. I put one in after a month try it a week later.Then put the second one in at the end of the second month then try a week later.

    This way if its not ready you arent wasting a 32 ounces!

  2. I bottled an Octoberfest on September 10 and I checked on the bottles (32 Ounce Pet) and they are rock solid but I noticed there isnt any sediment on the bottom of the bottles. I also checked my German Hefeweizen that I bottled a week later and the bottles are pretty hard and there is a ton of sediment at the bottom like usual. Just curious if anyone else has seen this before.


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