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  1. I am wanting to add chocolate to the Sticky Wickey Oatmeal Stout and I haven't found the answer that I am comfortable with. Some say that adding bars of chocolate are good but are oily and will destroy the head on the beer. Others recommend cocoa and other recommed extract. I was going to add 1-2 ounces of Dark Cocoa Powder after I add my two cans of Sticky Wicket into the boil. What are your recommendations? Thanks Marbles
  2. Six beers brewed and I am on my third can opener.
  3. 1776 Ale so far has been my favorite. I followed the directions exactly how they said.
  4. Give it a taste at two weeks. I always bottle at three weeks and condition a few months. Pathkience is key.
  5. I use the big Styrofoam coolers from Walmart and use the frozen ice packs to keep temperature diwn. Can keep it around 66-68 degrees. So far so good for me.
  6. Can anyone tell me what liquid smoke does to a beer and what type of beer it would work well with?
  7. Everyone out here is awesome for advice. The key thing that I have learned is have a ton of patience and dont be afraid to ask questions if you arent sure what you are doing.
  8. Be patient with this one because it is awesome. It sat two months before I put it in the fridge. So far this one is my favorite!
  9. I prefer the ones from Mr. Beer. The ones from Walmart dont stick to well.
  10. football is starting. Have some friends over and beer swap!
  11. Thanks. Hopefully everyone will be three sheets to the wind when I break this one out un November. Going to Helen Georgia for Oktoberfest.
  12. Thanks for the help. I hope it turns out ok. Things have been going really well. I haven't been in any rush in getting things in the fridge. The 1776 Ale I bottled in May I still have five bottles that haven't hit the fridge yet. Will keep my fingers crossed on this oktoberfest
  13. It was just the standard oktoberfest recipe. I had an extra booster from one of my previous brews. Used it just to get rid of it and thought I could increase alcohol level. Should gave asked question first. Lesson learned. No rush to drink it. Want it ready to drink by mid November.
  14. Shoot I brewed an oktoberfest last night and put two boosters in it. If I don't plan on bottling it for three weeks and let it sit in bottles for a few months do you think it would taste ok.
  15. Is there anything wrong with using two packs of booster to make a brew? Thanks Marbles
  16. I bottled my fourth batch and just wanted to say thanks for all the help. This Forum is truely amazing!!!
  17. Made 1776 Ale this morning after putting Blonde Bomb Shell in bottles. I love the smell of Hops!!!
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