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  1. I am wanting to add chocolate to the Sticky Wickey Oatmeal Stout and I haven't found the answer that I am comfortable with.

    Some say that adding bars of chocolate are good but are oily and will destroy the head on the beer. Others recommend cocoa and other recommed extract.

    I was going to add 1-2 ounces of Dark Cocoa Powder after I add my two cans of Sticky Wicket into the boil.

    What are your recommendations?


  2. Thanks for the help. I hope it turns out ok. Things have been going really well. I haven't been in any rush in getting things in the fridge. The 1776 Ale I bottled in May I still have five bottles that haven't hit the fridge yet. Will keep my fingers crossed on this oktoberfest

  3. It was just the standard oktoberfest recipe. I had an extra booster from one of my previous brews. Used it just to get rid of it and thought I could increase alcohol level. Should gave asked question first. Lesson learned. No rush to drink it. Want it ready to drink by mid November.

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